devil of a job

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a devil of a job

A difficult or frustrating time; much difficulty. I'm having a devil of a job getting this window open—I think it has been painted shut. We had a devil of a job convincing Grandpa to go to the doctor for that bad cough.
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devil of a job

 and devil's own job
the most difficult task. We had a devil of a job fixing the car. It was the devil's own job finding a hotel with vacancies.
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a/the ˈdevil of a job, nuisance, fellow, etc.

(old-fashioned) a difficult or an unpleasant example of something: We’re going to have a devil of a job getting the roots of that tree out of the ground.
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References in classic literature ?
But when he had drawn and engaged his youthful antagonist he discovered that, far from disarming him, he would have the devil's own job of it to keep from being killed.
Without it, they will have the devil's own job to trouble an Ireland side which has won 18 of its last 19.
Nevertheless, having painted themselves into a corner over Ireland, the EU are finding it the devil's own job to get out of it.
the devil's own job stoking coal "It ain't easy being Satan." (Not cool, either!)
Unfortunately, the referee has got the devil's own job trying to work out what's real and what's fake.
Where it was once the devil's own job to find salt cod in Yorkshire, it's now readily available thanks to the shops catering for our vibrant West Indian community.
But fair warning, track 12 is the National Anthem and it's the devil's own job trying to drive standing to attention.
If the Grand National is suddenly seen as tainted goods in commercial terms it is a hugely potent threat to the race and I fear Aintree may face the devil's own job finding a replacement sponsor from outside the betting industry.
they zapped me with But I wouldn't and I couldn't, because my neck hurt like the devil, and lying back made my whole convulsing body go 'euwwww!!!' It was the devil's own job (or so I'm told) to restrain me.
Where people are asked to cast a vote on what they think about elected mayors, even though it's a controversial plan that's already been introduced, and would be the devil's own job to unravel from the complexities of local government?
Much to my surprise, these are made of mercury, meaning if you break one you will have a devil's own job of tidying it up!
But although one occasionally encounters cases where there is a clear expanse of fresh air between challenger and challengee, there is usually some contact involved, however minimal, and it will be the devil's own job (or, at least, his advocate's) to decide whether that was sufficient to initiate a fall.
We had the devil's own job getting ENGLAND past the censors, lest it be considered racist."