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the devil

Particularly difficult, arduous, or unpleasant. My husband's handwriting is the devil to read. This cake is always the devil to get out of the pan, so it always ends up looking like a mess by the time I'm done.
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Fig. a severe scolding. (*Typically: get ~; Catch ~; give someone ~.) Bill is always getting the devil about something. I'm late. If I don't get home soon, I'll catch the devil!
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The Tasmanian Government is committed to protecting and rebuilding the Tasmanian devil population, and its partnerships with local businesses such as HVCP that will help ensure the devils survival.
The result: Cancer cells from one devil can survive in others (see How the Devil's Cancer Catches, below).
This first release will be a controlled project and, as a precaution, the males will be sterilised to prevent the population breeding and becoming established until we can be sure that this is an ecologically sustainable action for the devils and the island ecology,' he said.
Al 25 tumors the team analyzed were genetically identical, indicating that the tumors came from a single source--most likely a devil that lived about 20 years ago.
The Devil Rays also visited the Spinal Cord Injury Center, handing out Wade Boggs and Carl Crawford figurines and foam Devil Rays baseballs during their three-hour visit.
In chapter two ("The Devil as Tempter") Dendle discusses the devil in his traditional role as tempter and in particular his relationship to the human soul in the process that leads from temptation to sin.
The Red Devils transitioned to the F/A18 Hornet in 1989, and in 1991 participated in Operation Desert Storm.
One of the first things a visitor to Chatham High School's gymnasium will see is a banner that reads, "Welcome to the Home of the Blue Devils.
Every now and then, some protests are made that it is shameful for a Catholic university to use a devil as its mascot.
Likewise, while the climax of the play calls for a young Us named Finest Blood to extract blood from a White Devil - apparently a call to violence - the initial stage directions make it difficult to read the predicted violence as a clash solely between blacks and whites.
In this holistic view, good and evil are not alienated from each other into cosmic dualities of god versus devil, sacred versus profane, or justice versus injustice but, rather, the two aspects of reality are envisioned as two sides of one spiritual coin.
I had killed the Devil's daughter - that's what the Devil told me to do.
As John Ciardi says of it in his Browser's Dictionary, the devil to pay means "There will be a hard time coming, but not, as often supposed, in the sense of standing before the devil's bar to atone for one's sins.
The Devil and devils are frequently represented with a cloven foot, since rabbinical writers refer to them as seirizzim ( " goats " ).