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deviate from (something)

To move away from what is typical or has been planned. Please don't deviate from the itinerary, otherwise we'll be late for our dinner reservation. Curiosity led me to deviate from my usual path through the woods.
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deviate from something

to wander away from something, such as a path, road, etc.; to vary from the normal procedure. Please do not deviate from the path. You will crush the wildflowers. I will not deviate one inch from the route you have prescribed. They did not deviate from her instructions.
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deviate from

1. To wander or turn aside from some path, course, or way: The hiker deviated from the trail and got lost. The riverbank deviates from the side of the ridge where the sediment has built up.
2. To depart or stray from some subject or matter of discussion: The teacher deviated from the topic of the lecture.
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Firms deviating from fit that anticipated more appropriate environments shortly, might continue deviating rather than converge upon currently profitable strategies.
When environments change, deviating from fitting strategies will be positively associated with future performances.
Even firms that accept the advantages of deviating from current fit, may encounter resistance when they actually attempt to do so.
Thus even though firms realize the advantages of deviating from fit, they will face resistance in implementing such deviation.
Results from the regression equations support the proposition that deviating from fit correlates with improved future performances during times of change.
Deviating from fit in 1980 appears to have had the largest effect on future performances.
Subscription rights will be directed to Credit Suisse First Boston (Europe) Limited, deviating from stockholder's preferential rights.
Subscription rights for the promissory note will be directed to Credit Suisse First Boston (Europe) Limited, deviating from stockholders' preferential rights.
The General meeting accepted the Board of Director proposal to issue the maximum of 195,000 option rights in such a manner the option rights are given deviating from the shareholders pre-emptive subscription price to the personnel and Board of Directors of both the Proha Group and Artemis Acquisition Corporation.
The shares are offered deviating from the shareholders' pre-emptive subscription right to the staff and the members of the Board of Directors of both Proha Group and Artemis Acquisition Corporation Group.
This week, Day Trading Guide Rob Rak continues his series on staying successful with an entry on the perils of deviating from careful plans.
Additionally, this agreement allows us to participate in the rural markets of Mexico without deviating from our strategic plan which focuses on the resort areas of Mexico.