deviate from (something)

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deviate from (something)

To move away from what is typical or has been planned. Please don't deviate from the itinerary, otherwise we'll be late for our dinner reservation. Curiosity led me to deviate from my usual path through the woods.
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deviate from something

to wander away from something, such as a path, road, etc.; to vary from the normal procedure. Please do not deviate from the path. You will crush the wildflowers. I will not deviate one inch from the route you have prescribed. They did not deviate from her instructions.
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deviate from

1. To wander or turn aside from some path, course, or way: The hiker deviated from the trail and got lost. The riverbank deviates from the side of the ridge where the sediment has built up.
2. To depart or stray from some subject or matter of discussion: The teacher deviated from the topic of the lecture.
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deviates from an ATC clearance or instruction shall notify ATC of that deviation as soon as possible." Had he climbed, he would've had to tell me, so I could pry other aircraft away from him before they became a collision factor.
New tool would let air control respond rapidly, if an aircraft experiences difficulty or deviates from its flight plan.
The court acknowledged that when a taxpayer deviates from a previously established accounting method, and the deviation does not have the time to become a method on its own, there exists the possibility of an accounting error.
A sixth painting, Untitled (Blue Face Grotjahn), deviates from the butterfly formula by introducing a flurry of color, glaring eyeballs, and a triangulated network of brushstrokes.
More thrilling would be a result that deviates from the predictions.
Pulec, neither the ANS nor the American Otological Society (AOS) has officially communicated anything to ABOto that deviates from its request of the early 1990s.
To them, there is only one right religion and one right political path and anyone who deviates from it is not just wrong but evil.
Partly through a pervasive avoidance of controversy, he omits such interesting topics as musica reservata, Lowinsky's theory of a "secret chromatic art," symbolism in music (apart from madrigalisms), Vicentino's proposal to recreate the ancient chromatic and enharmonic genera in modern music--in short anything that deviates from the mainstream.
For the second year in a row, the board's decision deviates from Mayor Rudolph W.
Johnson deviates from the norm in contemporary black popular fiction.
By contrast we a argue that the case study constitutes an important type of comparative research and, in fact, may be the preferred strategy in certain instances, More specifically, these studies are useful when (1) researchers do not have sufficient knowledge of a case to place it in theoretical perspective-the case does not fit any extant theory; (2) a case partially supports (or deviates from) existing theories; and (3) a case represents a special (perhaps unique) set of circumstances or phenomena that warrant intensive study.
Indeed, one might fault Agosto Cintron for an apparent reticence to engage in 'theoretical' argumentation or to point out the lines where her interpretation deviates from others.
On the other hand, being the first mover, the union never unilaterally deviates from cooperation.
Donohue's quarrel with the ACLU is not that it deviates from some dispassionate norm that he embraces.
With her two-minute soundless loop of photographic stills recorded on a DVD and projected onto the wall, Katrin Freisager creates her own painting-related genre out of the photographic image: a group portrait that deviates from itself.