deviate from

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deviate from (something)

To move away from what is typical or has been planned. Please don't deviate from the itinerary, otherwise we'll be late for our dinner reservation. Curiosity led me to deviate from my usual path through the woods.
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deviate from something

to wander away from something, such as a path, road, etc.; to vary from the normal procedure. Please do not deviate from the path. You will crush the wildflowers. I will not deviate one inch from the route you have prescribed. They did not deviate from her instructions.
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deviate from

1. To wander or turn aside from some path, course, or way: The hiker deviated from the trail and got lost. The riverbank deviates from the side of the ridge where the sediment has built up.
2. To depart or stray from some subject or matter of discussion: The teacher deviated from the topic of the lecture.
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The European Union regulator said that the EU was ready to deviate from global banking rules in order to help small lenders.
He concludes that, "judges are morally permitted to deviate from the law in such cases, which arise in all realistic legal systems.
Below 50[degrees]C, the oxygen consumption results deviate from linearity.
It displays its difference blatantly, as if to emphasize how far an artist may deviate from his or her signature (the appearance of his name notwithstanding) while remaining in full possession of it.
Documenting standardized procedures forces managers to think carefully before they deviate from the process, minimizing a company's exposure to risk.
Even though Brazil's TP control mechanisms are based on transactional price and cost, they go far beyond economic reality and deviate from the basic OECD and U.
The Inspector from IC Vision of Montreal memorizes the image of flawless parts and then will reject any parts that deviate from the recorded sample.
Conflicting demands of different environmental elements represent other reasons why firms might deviate from ideal strategies (Gresov 1989).
You want to force the offense to deviate from their normal calls
However, if the firm is short sighted, it may unilaterally deviate from the cooperative agreement, to take advantage of a one-period gain.
Conversely, an individual with weak attachments is assumed to be unconcerned about the wishes of others, and thereby inclined to deviate from social expectations.
The temperature gradient created when sunlight strikes one edge of the mirror while the other edge remains in darkness -- a scenario occurring daily and lasting several hours -- temporarily causes the mirrors to deviate from flatness by about 300 millionths of an inch, an error large enough to significantly dim the images of clouds, oceans and storms, Dezio says.
Paul Volcker, former chairman of the US Federal Reserve, has opined that banks in Abu Dhabi should not deviate from basic banking services.