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deviate from (something)

To move away from what is typical or has been planned. Please don't deviate from the itinerary, otherwise we'll be late for our dinner reservation. Curiosity led me to deviate from my usual path through the woods.
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deviate from something

to wander away from something, such as a path, road, etc.; to vary from the normal procedure. Please do not deviate from the path. You will crush the wildflowers. I will not deviate one inch from the route you have prescribed. They did not deviate from her instructions.
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deviate from

1. To wander or turn aside from some path, course, or way: The hiker deviated from the trail and got lost. The riverbank deviates from the side of the ridge where the sediment has built up.
2. To depart or stray from some subject or matter of discussion: The teacher deviated from the topic of the lecture.
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deviates from an ATC clearance or instruction shall notify ATC of that deviation as soon as possible." Had he climbed, he would've had to tell me, so I could pry other aircraft away from him before they became a collision factor.
It's time to exercise your escape option when you think you might need to deviate from your deviation.
The variables you need to generate a symmetrical triangle distribution in Excel are the minimum, maximum, mode, and standard deviate. For example, a triangle distribution with a minimum value of $13,000, a maximum of $15,000, and a mode of $14,000 would have the following formula: =13000 + (ABS(A1) * (15000-13000) * (14000-13000))^0.5, where A1 is again the cell reference to the standard normal deviate.
Yes, a great change in the deviate himself, yet nothing in the literature of the Mattachine Society and little of ONE is devoted to initiating and exploring this idea of necessary homosexual monogamy.
Everybody should be mindful of the single fact that we cannot deviate from the basic principles of Islam.
The idea that firms deliberately deviate from strategies that fit their environments, is not new.
At the Bolles School, we believe that to survive you have to force the opponents to deviate from their normal calls - go to things they had no intention of using.
This paper argues that in certain situations the union may also have the incentive to unilaterally deviate from the cooperative outcome.
Thus, an individual who has invested time, energy, and resources into conforming to social norms and expectations (e.g., pursuing educational goals) are less likely to deviate than someone who has not made such an investment.
A judge can deviate from the prescribed sentence if he or she writes an opinion explaining the reasons for the deviation.
This allows total control over the melt zone process and enables operators to take immediate corrective action should the molten iron deviate from preset melting parameters.
INTRODUCTION Convenient methods for sampling from the exponential or Cauchy distributions are based on inversion of the distribution function F(x); if U is a (0, 1)-uniform deviate then -ln U has the standard exponential distribution, and tan[pi](U - 0.5)) is Cauchy distributed.
The Philippines will not 'deviate from' an international tribunal ruling that rejected China's claim to almost all of the South China Sea but it must build trust with China before discussing 'sensitive' bilateral issues, Malacanang said on Monday.
"The failure of global Zionism and the world arrogance in confronting the Islamic resistance face-to-face in Palestine and Lebanon has made them organize deviated streams in the form of Takfiri groups and fool a number of young Muslims to deviate the public opinion from the Palestinian issue and nullify the great achievements of the Islamic Awakening," a statement issued at the end of the meeting said on Tuesday.