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develop from (someone or something)

To grow and change from someone or something into someone or something else. Thanks to her public speaking class, Alicia has developed from a painfully shy girl into a confident speaker. My craft business developed from a passion for knitting.
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develop from someone or something (into someone or something)

 and develop (from someone or something) into someone or something
to grow or evolve out of someone or something into someone or something else. Her interest in music developed from a childlike curiosity to a full-fledged professional career. The flower developed from a little knot of a bulb.
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In 1996, the policy of issuing FIPS that adopted voluntary industry standards was modified as NIST changed its focus to concentrate on developing tests, measurements, proofs of concept, reference data and other technical tools to support the development of pivotal, forward-looking technology.
In addition, we have established a partnership with Ohio State University's Fisher School of Business to enhance our training efforts, develop a strong e-business MBA program, and explore best practices for developing skilled professionals in information and networking technology.
Also, there is a need for developing a database on the solution to the defects.
Thurston's vision for better recordkeeping in developing countries became the basic concept behind the IRMT.
If you don't like selling and other high-risk activities, developing a niche is not for you.
The company is developing insert-molding and coextrusion applications such as abrasion-resistant tool handles.
Fifth is the differing patterns of net capital flows across developing countries and groups of developing countries.
Center staff are expanding the project's outreach efforts to additional healthcare providers in the area and are developing a database of healthcare providers.
Developing regional, state or national curriculum for any field can be a challenging endeavor, but extremely important to the goals of education (Cobb, 1994).
Few developing-country institutions provide formal training in bioethics, and few developed-country programs for advanced bioethics training focus in depth on the internationally relevant aspects of bioethics, particularly those related to clinical investigations and traditional medical interventions in developing countries.
Reflection of this nature is an indispensable condition for developing character.
Duration of pill use was associated with the occurrence of ovarian cancer: The odds of developing epithelial ovarian cancer were not significantly affected among women who had used the pill for fewer than five years.
Singer discards, or even shreds, much anti-globalization cant, focusing on which international economic policies will have the utilitarian outcome of raising living standards for the developing world's poor.
A woman's risk of developing breast cancer dropped by 7 percent for each child she had and decreased by 4.
An expanded dialogue between representatives from developed and developing economies was seen as especially important.
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