develop from

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develop from (someone or something)

To grow and change from someone or something into someone or something else. Thanks to her public speaking class, Alicia has developed from a painfully shy girl into a confident speaker. My craft business developed from a passion for knitting.
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develop from someone or something (into someone or something)

 and develop (from someone or something) into someone or something
to grow or evolve out of someone or something into someone or something else. Her interest in music developed from a childlike curiosity to a full-fledged professional career. The flower developed from a little knot of a bulb.
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The serf, in the period of serfdom, raised himself to membership in the commune, just as the petty bourgeois, under the yoke of feudal absolutism, managed to develop into a bourgeois.
* during the decomposition of seacoal in the metalcasting process, its "fixed carbon" will develop into coking material that reduces mold wall movement and develops a "cushion" between the sand grains;
This avoidance may eventually develop into agoraphobia, an inability to go beyond known and safe surroundings because of intense fear and anxiety.
Ultimately, such research aims to develop a human vaccine for HIV -- perhaps a weakened virus that could provoke a mild infection but never develop into the panoply of illnesses that kill people with AIDS.
It has been said that play is the work of children, implying that through play, children are doing what they should to develop into socially acceptable adults.
And because visual examination cannot distinguish which CIS cells may develop into an invasive tumor, he observes, "we therefore treat all of them as if they will."