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develop from (someone or something)

To grow and change from someone or something into someone or something else. Thanks to her public speaking class, Alicia has developed from a painfully shy girl into a confident speaker. My craft business developed from a passion for knitting.
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develop from someone or something (into someone or something)

 and develop (from someone or something) into someone or something
to grow or evolve out of someone or something into someone or something else. Her interest in music developed from a childlike curiosity to a full-fledged professional career. The flower developed from a little knot of a bulb.
See also: develop
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Acquire our own "brains trust" to do the necessary research and to help develop strategies.
Other factors included in determining these partners were their support to major aviation weapon systems, how they were organized nationally and internationally, and their willingness and ability to develop strategic relationships across their various divisions.
As participants develop abilities to use authentic assessments and data gathering in ways involving student awareness of their own thinking, teacher reflections reveal an expanding understanding of how feedback can be harnessed and owned in the knowledge construction process.
To diffuse potentially fraught situations, Lopez, one of three founders of Advanced Public Safety, developed a suite of products which includes voice-enabled input, electronic ticketing, and GPS and mapping technology.
To expand tours and develop new programs for seniors to participate in the performing arts.
For this reason the Montreal Protocol obliged developed nations to cease halon production in 1994, and set a 2010 target date for the developing world.
ME did not subdivide, develop or improve any of its property.
Few efforts to develop controlled vocabularies for children exist.
* Develop and investigate novel materials for processing equipment.
"We developed our suspension module strategy in 2002 resulting in the release of several products since then.
Develop Individual Control Matrix--Consultants develop a control matrix for each of the identified processes.
I like using this aid because it helps develop hand-eye coordination.
To maximize efficient and effective retrieval of records for legal, business, and regulatory purposes, organizations must develop and implement taxonomies and metadata to complement text searching, provide multiple access points to information, and incorporate retention requirements.
In response to Army decisions during the 1980s to develop increasingly lethal platforms aided by automation, several automated command and control (C2) systems were developed to support various battlefield functional areas.
Professional school counselors develop coping skills to avoid burnout.