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deter (someone or something) from (something)

To cause or encourage someone not to do something. The threat of rain deterred us from going to the beach this weekend.
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deter someone or something from something

to prevent or discourage someone or a group from doing something. We can't seem to deter them from leaving. They were not deterred from their foolish ways.
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The company was rolling when Deters sold it, retaining a job in the succession.
If the suspensions for accumulated yellow cards deter aggressive play (as the economic model of crime would suggest), then teams whose players enter a match with many accumulated yellow cards should play less aggressively than teams whose players have not accumulated as many yellow cards.
Tailoring communications: Others focus on the distinctive problem of communicating intent--specifically the kinds of messages the United States would send in its words or actions that contribute to (or detract from) its efforts to deter specific actors, in both peacetime and crisis situations.
If the actual equilibrium realized in the industry deters entry, then each incumbent has overinvested in the sense that each would have been better off by producing less and allowing entry.
If a vendor cannot offer a definite completion date it will deter an enormous amount of people.
That file was the basis of keeping track of extensions and charge units associated with equipment, to be able to bill back monthly and to connect to a call accounting system to bill back long-distance usage," Deters says.
Orchestria's complete solution prevents and deters attempted violations of both corporate standards and regulatory guidelines conducted over electronic communication.
By bringing in the lights, it deters the wrong kind of traffic here,'' he said.
Combination of Secure Computing's Unified Threat Management Device and NetClarity's Vulnerability Management Appliance Detects, Deters, Defends and Defeats Attacks
Reports that Saldivar confessed to mercy killings at Glendale Adventist Medical Center gave the chills to Joseph Deters, a prosecutor who helped convict nurse's aide Donald Harvey on 24 counts of aggravated murder in Ohio in 1987.
This approach prevents inappropriate activity and deters repeat offences while enabling compliance personnel to effectively target their review activity.
Unlike e-mail filtering applications, Blue Security takes an active approach that deters spammers by interfering with their ability to do business, compelling them to comply with the Registry and stop sending spam to Blue Community members.
Oversight detects, prevents, and deters financial loss from systems-based fraud, misuse and errors by analyzing transactions across multiple business applications in real time.
Twenty-one percent report that a lack of confidence the machine got the deposit right deterred them from making cash/check deposits at an ATM, while 11 percent said looking for or hassling with filling out a deposit envelope deters them from making cash or check deposits at an ATM.
Using the MCFT card will not be a substitute for the CMTL testing and certification since it represents just one aspect of the certification procedure," stated John Deters, president, CMTL.