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deter (someone or something) from (something)

To cause or encourage someone not to do something. The threat of rain deterred us from going to the beach this weekend.
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deter someone or something from something

to prevent or discourage someone or a group from doing something. We can't seem to deter them from leaving. They were not deterred from their foolish ways.
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(23) The National Security Strategy and DSG state, "there is no greater threat to the American people than weapons of mass destruction, particularly the danger posed by the pursuit of nuclear weapons by violent extremists and their proliferation to additional states." (24) While deterring terrorist organizations is difficult if not impossible, these converging challenges are expanding requirements to deter hostile acts.
views on deterrence are evolving, so may those of our allies--including whom they are concerned about deterring, as well as the role of offenses and defenses, and the role of U.S.
Consider an incumbent's profit in any entry deterring equilibrium where exactly the limit output is produced by the oligopoly.
Current law already provides the Secretary of the Treasury discretion to pay monetary awards for furnishing information to the IRS; there is no evidence that the program is not effective in uncovering and deterring fraud.
The commissioners proposed in 1839 that wives should be forced to come into the workhouse with unemployed husbands, even if they could maintain themselves, since all the wife's earnings belong to her husband, "and therefore, if he requires relief, she also must be deemed to require relief." [40] The commissioners' efforts might also be interpreted as an effort to force families to rely on women's wages when husbands were unemployed, deterring them from coming into the workhouse.
She's come up with a novel way of deterring squirrels from damaging spring container displays.
Lowering recidivism rates, deterring crime, and allowing human beings to retain some semblance of dignity are the true goals of imprisonment.
explanation of benefits (and other fraud deterring processes) may be of value
The role of the financial executive in deterring hostile takeovers Hostile takeovers are not bad by definition, although management usually reacts as if they are.
But what if--as is likely--urine tests, or a combination of urine and dexterity tests, proved better than dexterity tests alone in deterring drug and alcohol use and saying lives?
Phil Chambers, Security Advisor at Good Hope Hospital, added: "Thanks to the good work we are doing with Sutton police we are deterring the opportunist thief.
The company has denied the charge of preventing or deterring Ng from exercising her labour rights under Hong Kong laws, and the case has now been adjourned until 5 September.
An army spokesman said: 'The patrols play an important part in the overall security of the area and give the soldiers and commanders an opportunity to show presence on the ground and to gather intelligence while deterring any possible illegal activity.'
Educators and law enforcement must work together to develop a new way of operating--a method of deterring unnecessary disturbances.
Acting Insp Kevin Doyle, from the road policing unit, said they will be undertaking high visibility patrols aimed at deterring people from drinking and driving.