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deter (someone or something) from (something)

To cause or encourage someone not to do something. The threat of rain deterred us from going to the beach this weekend.
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deter someone or something from something

to prevent or discourage someone or a group from doing something. We can't seem to deter them from leaving. They were not deterred from their foolish ways.
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En exhumant veritablement les momies, ils rendent cette suppression effective : nul n'oserait deterrer des ch'ullpa
Erasmo et Indalicio veulent deterrer des momies sans penser qu'il s'agit d'ancetres animes pour des raisons privees.
Often, the answer lies not so much with the deterrer as with the deterred.
Scenario 1: Side B, the deterrer, holds hostage the critical interests (A1) of Side A, the one being deterred, asking Side A to compromise in A2, which is not as valuable as A1, whereas Side B's cost (B2) would be very small and ignorable.
Even if threats were made covertly a target would probably doubt their credibility on the assumption that the deterrer is operating under such pressures.
The deterrer can achieve that by threatening to reduce the benefits of defiance or increase its costs.
If the deterrer concludes that the adversary is not inclined to act, absent an influence attempt, and refrains from engaging in deterrence, and the adversary acts, then more demanding activities will be required to rectify the situation.
These goals can be achieved only if the deterrer provides the missing ingredient: its hostile reaction.
Il a rappele que la guerre de Liberation nationale etait l'aboutissement de plus d'un siecle de lutte contre un systeme colonial abject, appelant academiciens, chercheurs et journalistes a [beaucoup moins que] deterrer des episodes de notre histoire [beaucoup plus grand que] pour, a-t-il soutenu, un [beaucoup moins que] retour aux origines et un renforcement des liens au sein la societe [beaucoup plus grand que].
Et d'ajouter : [beaucoup moins que] Nous n'avons pas besoin de deterrer les conflits historiques ni d'instrumentaliser la religion.
Par ailleurs, des fouilles du site seront entreprises par des equipes d'archeologues au coeur meme de la caserne, afin de deterrer des pieces entieres de l'ancienne ville romaine comme nous l'explique un specialiste.
Et chaque jour, il faut innover ou deterrer les anciennes recettes pour epater l'epoux, la belle-mere ou simplement la petite famille.
Ah, say the deterrers, but if we also destroy the house of the perpetrator's family, they will think twice.
The Comedy of Deterrers Overkill has survived three decades of isarmament in the few nations still stockpiling more than enough nuclear weapons to vaporize themselves: Megatons per Kilotons per million population square mile U.
It is fundamental that the ultimate decision in deterrence rests in the minds of the deterred, not the deterrers.