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determine the root of the problem

To find or ascertain the cause of a particular problem or issue. The plumber has determined the root of the problem, and it doesn’t sound too costly to fix, thank goodness.
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*root of the problem

an understanding of the causes or basis of a problem. (*Typically: determine ~; figure out ~; find ~; get to ~; get at ~.) It will take a little more study to get to the root of the problem. Let's stop avoiding the issue and get at the root of the problem.
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bound and determined to

Firmly resolved to, as in He was bound and determined to finish the assignment before taking on another. This phrase is a redundancy used for emphasis, as bound and determined here both mean "resolved to." Also see bound to.
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In step two, the taxpayer determines which of four specific categories applies, based on the nature of the taxpayer's business in some cases, and the nature of the property in all others.
It has been long established that state law determines a person's right to income and property and federal law determines the taxation of those rights.
A discussion of these findings then determines the need for additional work by the officer.
Further, the NAACP determines how the hotel fared in its economic reciprocity initiative, a special rating system the organization applies to the lodging industry.
The ability to send reliable information on cost, quality, and customer (or supplier) specifications to and from higher-level enterprise or supply chain IT systems determines their future value.
5) Any extension of credit by an affiliate of the bank to a financial subsidiary of the bank will be considered to be an extension of credit by the bank to the financial subsidiary if the Board determines that such treatment is necessary or appropriate to prevent evasions of the Federal Reserve Act and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.
This determines the injection pressure needed from the injection unit in order to fill the pads and cavities.
Instead of discarding the lubricant, another option is to use the synthetic fluid as a replacement when testing determines that the reducer fluid must be replaced.
It is generally determined as of the earlier of the (1) first date occurring on or after the date on which the requirement to determine a disregarded entity's net value arises for which the partnership otherwise determines a partner's share of partnership liabilities under Regs.
If a company determines that a previously unamortized asset has a finite useful life, the company should begin to amortize it from that point on.
This may result in an award to a higher-rated, higher-priced offeror where the decision is consistent with the evaluation factors and the source selection authority (SSA) reasonably determines that the technical superiority and/or overall business approach and/or superior past performance of the higher-priced offeror outweighs the cost difference.
Regulation K provides that a foreign bank will be considered to be subject to comprehensive supervision or regulation on a consolidated basis if the Board determines that the bank is supervised and regulated in such a manner that its home country supervisor receives sufficient information on the worldwide operations of the bank, including its relationship to any affiliates, to assess the bank's overall financial condition and its compliance with law and regulation.