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deter (someone or something) from (something)

To cause or encourage someone not to do something. The threat of rain deterred us from going to the beach this weekend.
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deter someone or something from something

to prevent or discourage someone or a group from doing something. We can't seem to deter them from leaving. They were not deterred from their foolish ways.
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Yet others contend that the DSG represents a significant change that would use air and naval forces in lieu of ground forces to deter and defeat aggression.
During the Cold War, the United States spent enormous amounts of time, energy, resources, and effort trying to understand how the Soviets thought and what might deter them.
m] a monopolist would always prefer to deter entry.
To say that a country like Iraq or North Korea could use nuclear weapons for offensive purposes is to say, as Waltz puts it in a different context, "that although the strong can deter the strong as the United States and the Soviet Union did.
While the broadcast flag is not 100% reliable, the BPDG says, it would deter all but the most determined thieves.
To deter marriages, he wanted ministers to pronounce a warning at weddings that prospective husbands should be prepared to support all their children, and that the parish would not step in to prevent them from starvation.
Indeed, the LTCM episode has no obvious bearing on what are arguably the central issues in the OTC derivatives study--whether or in what circumstances government oversight is appropriate to deter fraud or market manipulation and how best to provide legal certainty regarding the enforceability of OTC derivative contracts.
Chain gang proponents also argue that the public humiliation of service on a chain gang will lower recidivism and may even deter law-abiding folks from considering a life of crime.
Preventive processes are those arrangements that discourage or deter fraud, such as the explanation of benefits.
I question how reporting on internal by independent auditors is going to deter fraudulent financial reporting resulting from cooked books when management is not deterred by the requirement for an annual audit and is able to conceal the fraud during that audit," Schuetze said during a symposium in Washington, D.
NORTHUMBRIA Police are setting up a metal detector in Gateshead to deter people from carrying knives.
Basil, chives, tansy, nasturtium and coriander will deter aphids.
One commonly asked question from prospective tenants: is the building's security system sufficient to deter intrusion into tenant suites?