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detect (something) in (something)

To distinguish the presence of something in something else, typically something that is being masked or is present in only a small quantity. Do I detect sarcasm in that statement, Jane? I think I detect a pinch of cinnamon in this, but I could be wrong.
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detect something in something

to recognize or identify something in something. Can you detect the anger in her voice? I detect a bit of sarcasm in your comments.
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In defining the auditor's responsibility for detecting illegal acts, Statement on Accounting Standards no.
es]([tau]) that leads to the same conclusion, D([tau]) indicates that the probabilities of detecting an attack within two exposed populations of different sizes, but with the same numbers of initially infected, are not identical.
Sailor plans for his sensors to be as small as a grain of dust but capable of reliably detecting a particular biological or chemical agent.
With the FDA approval of the NMP22 Test for detecting cancer in high risk patients, the healthcare community has a test that could be employed in screening," commented Dr.
To note: the PSA test is only between 18-36 percent accurate as a screen for prostate cancer; the conventional Pap test is 75 percent accurate in identifying cervical cancer; and the mammogram is about 33 percent accurate in detecting invasive breast cancer.
The Nomadics system can detect concentrations of trinitrotoluene (TNT) as low as 100 parts per quadrillion, which is equivalent to detecting an eyedropper of a chemical dissolved into a volume that could fill 25 Exxon Valdez-size supertankers, asserts Cumming.
The accuracy of detecting vancomycin resistance varied according to the level of resistance.
Next, the group would like to try detecting the luminescence of a single molecule.
The idea for developing this technique initially came from Sidles, who last year proposed an ingenious scheme for detecting and locating single protons deposited on a surface (SN: 3/7/92, p.
Independent Study from University of Texas Southwestern Reports NMP22(R) BladderChek(R) Test could be Beneficial for Detecting Cancer Earlier in High Risk Populations
Because Pluto preserves primordial abundances of materials on its icy surface, detecting a significant amount of molecular nitrogen on the planet offers further support for the notion that the cold interstellar medium also contains lots of molecular nitrogen, Owen notes.
Evaluating implant integrity and detecting cancer in women with breast augmentation
Detecting the faint extreme-ultraviolet radiation from the Jovian auroras will help astronomers to understand better the interactions between Io and Jupiter, notes Welsh.
it detected occult bladder cancers - detecting all of the cancers that occurred in the upper urinary tract of patients with risk factors or symptoms of bladder cancer
And the craft most likely capable of detecting the emissions' expected radio frequencies, he says, would again be the Voyagers.