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detect (something) in (something)

To distinguish the presence of something in something else, typically something that is being masked or is present in only a small quantity. Do I detect sarcasm in that statement, Jane? I think I detect a pinch of cinnamon in this, but I could be wrong.
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detect something in something

to recognize or identify something in something. Can you detect the anger in her voice? I detect a bit of sarcasm in your comments.
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The report also finds a clear increase in the number of children being trafficked, who now account for 30 per cent of all detected victims, with far more girls detected than boys.
In South Wales, the cost of PCSOs per crime almost doubled last year from pounds 640,700 in 2008 when they detected 14 crimes for wages of pounds 9m.
Figures 7 and 8 show two types of worms that are detected using IFCA.
Comparison of SaV sequences detected in this study with sequences in GenBank indicated that all 7 isolates closely matched previously reported SaV sequences (Figure 2).
The elemental maps illustrate the spatial position of the chemical elements that were detected and relate directly to the SEM micrograph that was obtained prior to mapping.
(For a description of this experiment, please see the article in the Weak Hadronic Interaction section of these proceedings.) Neutrons are detected through their capture on [.sup.3]He producing a triton and proton: n + [.sup.3]He [right arrow] [.sup.3]H + [.sup.1]H with a Q value of 750 keV.
Multivariate analyses adjusted for behavioral and clinical factors indicated that circumcised men and consistent condom users were significantly less likely to have HPV detected than were uncircumcised men and nonusers, respectively (odds ratios, 0.3 and 0.4).
8STAFFORDSHIRE Burglaries: 15,277 Detected: 2,353 Percentage detected: 15.4 Convicted: 528 Percentage convicted: 3.45
The malformation was fistulous, and venous pockets were detected in the bony tissue.
Since all communication with a honeypot is suspect, new attack tools can be detected based on their interaction-even so-called "layer eight" attacks, or attacks against the information flow rather than the programs or protocols.
Once those antibodies are caught, Constantine explains, they "can be detected using other reagents that are usually coupled to an indicator such as a dye or enzyme that can produce color." The change in color is read by a machine.
Fractions of a second beforehand, sensors would have detected whether another vehicle is on a collision course.
But this physical data is not easily detected at even a small distance, and most certainly no one possesses the necessary receptors to receive and sense such data.
A maximum-scale volcanic tremor was detected early Tuesday at Mt.