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detect (something) in (something)

To distinguish the presence of something in something else, typically something that is being masked or is present in only a small quantity. Do I detect sarcasm in that statement, Jane? I think I detect a pinch of cinnamon in this, but I could be wrong.
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detect something in something

to recognize or identify something in something. Can you detect the anger in her voice? I detect a bit of sarcasm in your comments.
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Comparison of SaV sequences detected in this study with sequences in GenBank indicated that all 7 isolates closely matched previously reported SaV sequences (Figure 2).
Bruits or pulsations can be detected in large hemangiomas.
In addition, we require that each load show that it has been detected for radiation and signed and dated on the bill of lading.
The number of cases that must be detected by microbiologic screening to prevent 1 secondary case was most affected by varying the number of contacts per patient and the secondary attack rate (Figure).
Astronomers found evidence for these Neptune-mass planets the same way that they detected nearly all the other extrasolar planets identified to date.
Although it has never been recovered by standard microbiologic techniques, DNA technology detected 30 cases of it.
Two studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in February 2005 and January 2006 reported on clinical data showing the NMP22 BladderChek Test, used in combination with cystoscopy (a visual examination of the interior of the bladder using a scope inserted through the urethra), for the diagnosis and monitoring of bladder cancer detected up to 99% of bladder malignancies.
For an ongoing epidemic, this method could be used to estimate the number of secondary cases infected by a primary case-patient, but only for periods from which all secondary cases would have been detected.
Although the instrument can monitor known volcanic clouds once an eruption has been detected, it's not effective for early warning of new eruptions because its orbit--which covers the entire surface of the Earth once a day--doesn't permit frequent observations of a particular spot.
On Thursday, she detected the cloth under the seat of a desk, inside a backpack and in the liner of a trash can.
The detected substances may be explosives or controlled substances that have a specific chemical fluorescent signature.
Syndromic surveillance, with the HMO patient database, would detect 50% of such incidents by day 5, with only 20% detected by day 4.
In the Oak Ridge work, a laser pointing at the tip of the cantilever detected the degree of bending.
Astronomers have detected a titanic explosion in the outer reaches of the cosmos - one so violent and bright that for about 40 seconds it appeared to outshine all the rest of the universe.
Although infection levels in the field vary widely depending on environmental conditions, during controlled inoculation studies this kit detected the presence of soybean rust infection even before the appearance of visual symptoms.