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detect (something) in (something)

To distinguish the presence of something in something else, typically something that is being masked or is present in only a small quantity. Do I detect sarcasm in that statement, Jane? I think I detect a pinch of cinnamon in this, but I could be wrong.
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detect something in something

to recognize or identify something in something. Can you detect the anger in her voice? I detect a bit of sarcasm in your comments.
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The prevalence of detectable and undetectable IL-17A levels was also analyzed in relation to the subtypes of JIA in the group of children in the active phase of the disease (Figure 1).
The proportion of semen specimens with detectable HCV did not differ significantly between men with recent HCV infection and men with chronic (longer) HCV infection.
All subjects had to have an undetectable PSA after surgery followed by at least 1 detectable PSA.
The vast majority of research on detectable warning surfaces has been on the effects of these surfaces on individuals with visual impairments.
3% of drivers had detectable levels of drugs in their blood or oral fluid.
Eight hours after treatment, 100% of the women had detectable drug levels in CVL specimens and 90% had detectable levels in vaginal swab specimens.
Prevalence of the latter, diastolic dysfunction, regional wall motion abnormalities, elevated C-reactive protein, and other high-risk CAD features was significantly greater in those with detectable TnT, suggesting multiple potential mechanisms for the raised rate of cardiovascular events in TnT-positive patients, Dr.
Available in seven grades, Terra Tape offers five non-detectable grades and two detectable grades for specific application.
BOSTON -- Women on highly active antiretroviral therapy for human immunodeficiency virus whose plasma viral load is below detectable levels may continue to shed the virus intermittently in the genital tract, Dr.
Results: In none of the volunteers mistletoe lectins were detectable before the injection and in all volunteers mistletoe lectins were detected in serum samples after the injection.
Both teams found that if the energy density during inflation were in the lower half of the possible range, the waves produced would be detectable by an upgraded version of LIGO scheduled for completion in about 10 years.
The discovery of detectable urine levels of a range of hormonally active substances in the children may shed light on how various biomarkers relate to pubertal development.
Nearly half the urine specimens had detectable levels of NNAL.
The time of year was similar to the time when NiV was isolated from bats in 2000; however, none of the 32 cats (18 males, 14 females; 25 adults, 7 juveniles [<1 year of age]) had detectable antibodies to NiV on SNT.
Instead, Enceladus appears to be one of the few planets or moons in the solar system that generates detectable heat of its own.