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detect (something) in (something)

To notice the hint of something in someone or something. Do I detect sarcasm in that statement, Jane?
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detect something in something

to recognize or identify something in something. Can you detect the anger in her voice? I detect a bit of sarcasm in your comments.
See also: detect
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You may often detect a yet smoother and darker water, separated from the rest as if by an invisible cobweb, boom of the water nymphs, resting on it.
However, the failure to detect SaV in seawater samples may indicate that the sampling sites were not affected by human fecal contamination or that SaVs do not survive in marine waters.
By harnessing the sensitivity of DxS's ARMSTM allele-specific PCR and its ScorpionsTM quantitative real-time signalling system, the new assay can detect mutant copies even if they represent as little as 1% of the sample.
The new ``data warehouse'' will allow the Department of Public Social Services to better detect fraud by comparing data now stored on a variety of mainframe and stand-alone computer systems.
Although many dentists give their patients yearly exams for oral cancer, it's often difficult to detect before it progresses to a dangerous stage.
The SIS steelcord inspection system, which functions according to the magnetic leaking flux principle, makes it possible to detect the above faults without the precautions required for the use of x-ray or the presence of a person.
In a study of 85 paranasal vascular tumors, Fu and Perzin did not detect any case of arteriovenous malformation in the maxillary region.
His team has developed Titan IX, a 1-meter-long, 90-centimeter-wide quadruped robot, which can both detect and remove mines.
Traditional security techniques attempt to block attacks (firewalls) or detect them as they happen (IDS).
This could be disastrous, as insufficient monitoring time can reduce a unit's ability to detect radiation.
But women should be aware that breast implants may interfere with the detection of cancer and that mammograms do not detect implant ruptures or leakage.
This new generation detector is referred to as a vapor/particle detector, because it has the capability to detect small particles of explosives.
This statement was the first professional standard to specifically address the auditor's responsibility to detect and disclose illegal acts.
If placed in a building's heating, air conditioning and ventilation system, the device will detect any release of anthrax in the building, Ettehadieh said.