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detail (one) to (someone or something)

To assign one to someone or something. This phrase is typically used in a military setting. Oh great, my superior detailed me to latrine duty.
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detail for (something)

To assign someone a particular task. A noun or pronoun can be used between "detail" and "on." Oh great, I've been detailed for latrine duty.
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The detailed guidance on testing and reporting in the audit guide and the SOP are the same as that previously provided in SAS no.
Moving the detailed testing and reporting guidance formerly in SAS no.
This report contains a detailed analysis of global transmission and distribution networks which total 5.
This report and database will help you to obtain a detailed view within the overall global picture of the world's transmission and distribution infrastructure and its associated markets, to pinpoint the sectors and sizes of your market opportunities and to identify the critical trends in the changing T&D infrastructure and market development.
It contains a detailed background of China's current industry status and structure, online game business models, a comprehensive look at Internet or Gaming Cafes, key government organizations and policies regulating the market, entry strategies, future outlook of foreign companies and a detailed case study of Blizzard Entertainment, the only Western game companies that has achieved legitimate success and profited from China's market.
With these inputs, CircuitFire automatically builds a detailed thermal model and computes the temperatures throughout the die, enabling designers to evaluate the internal chip temperature distribution taking into consideration the ambient temperature conditions and package characteristics.
CircuitFire is also used within the design sign-off stage to evaluate temperature gradient effects on the electrical characteristics within a detailed sign-off flow.
CircuitFire is the first product that combines multiple algorithms and disciplines to compute the detailed temperatures on the die.
This detailed and informative section covers 25 mental disorders.
In this section, you'll find detailed information on the following disorders:
Also included in these 25 chapters are detailed resources specific to each disorder, including: Associations & Agencies, Books, Periodicals, Support Groups & Hotlines, Research Centers, Video & Audio, Media and Web Sites.
With its emphasis on fundamentals, detailed examples, and comprehensive coverage of models and applications, this is an excellent text for upper-level undergraduate or graduate students, or for the practicing engineer who needs to develop an understanding of propagation phenomena.
Every deal is fully categorized, includes a detailed description, and includes financials such as headline value, upfront payments and royalty rates, where disclosed.
a detailed listing of the company's deals and alliances.