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detail (one) to (someone or something)

To assign one to someone or something. This phrase is typically used in a military setting. Oh, great, my superior detailed me to latrine duty.
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detail for (something)

To assign a particular task. A noun or pronoun can be used between "detail" and "for." Oh, great, my superior detailed me for latrine duty.
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First assign the items to the most detailed index that contains those items.
If the total cost of items in a single detailed index category is less than 10% of the total inventory value, investigate successively less detailed index categories until reaching an index category that meets the 10% threshold.
Within job cost, it's possible to enter estimates by job codes to provide for a more detailed breakdown of actual versus estimated costs.
The general ledger supports budgeting, allows for quick and easy journal entries and retains all transactions in detailed format.
63 provided detailed testing and reporting guidance based on the various audit regulations in effect at the time.
Broad-level (for example, year-to-year numbers) expectations aren't generally as precise as expectations developed using more detailed (for example, monthly) data.