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detach (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To separate someone or something from its connection to someone or something else. This phrase can be used literally or figuratively. I detached the broken shutters from the house. When the teacher realized that I was the one talking, she detached me from the rest of my classmates for a scolding.
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detached from reality

Psychologically, emotionally, or intellectually separated from the outside world or from realistic, logical thought. When my mental illness was at its worst, I became completely detached from reality. The council's plan to build an interstate through the middle of town is just nonsense, it's completely detached from reality!
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detached from the (outside) world

Psychologically, emotionally, intellectually, or physically separated from the people, influence, or average thinking of the outside world. He just keeps to himself, never talking to anyone, like he's detached from the world. He builds all of his policies from theory and what he studied in books—it's all completely detached from the outside world. The tiny rural village, totally detached from the outside world, developed a dialect and manner totally unique to the rest of the region.
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The camera looks at her from underneath: she is tall and erect, as if on the top of a mountain; she is in a bulletproof vest, wearing it detachedly, as though it were a bathing suit.
The woman's helplessness and terror in the face of a sudden assault is detachedly described, as are the fateful consequences of this procreative act.
Mary is dark, heavy lipped, serious, and she simply lifts her veil to allow the light passage, merely observing, detachedly and as if it had nothing to do with her, the intense fall of light onto her right breast and into the whitened pages of the book she has put aside to accept the tremendous infusion.
According to the previously mentioned data, the victory of the formation led by Victor Ponta, Crin Antonescu and Dan Constantin was obvious, winning the elections detachedly and imposing itself to all the categories.
The work is imbued with sensual arousal, yet the painting, because of its interestingly skewed perspective, is more disjointed and detachedly observant than aggressively erotic.
For all the heterogeneity of his materials, the book's remorseless voices are those of expertise and officialdom, detachedly reviewing the aftermath of disasters, accidents, failures of systems and strategy.
Hence Modernity's dead mechanical universe is being replaced by a living, creative and ever evolving one, and in time this will change our visceral experience of the world and its processes so we want to participate in rather than detachedly exploit these.
She doesn't even challenge the status quo verbally, with an "if I were the driver ..."; she is clearly a watcher, and she observes detachedly while the driver "tried to get us out" (This Is about 34).
As in "Scientific Wooing," women are marginalized through their depiction as objects of scientific discourse rather than participants in it and as curiosities to be detachedly examined.