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detach (someone or something) from (someone or something)

To separate someone or something from its connection to someone or something else. This phrase can be used literally or figuratively. I detached the broken shutters from the house. When the teacher realized that I was the one talking, she detached me from the rest of my classmates for a scolding.
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detach someone or something from someone or something

to separate or disconnect someone or something from someone or something. The high command detached Wallace from his platoon. The technician detached the sensors from Harry's chest.
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These docking options are designed to expand the overall productivity of Toshiba's new 2-in-1 detachable laptop through a single connection.
Why is Samsung making a 2-in-1, detachable Chromebook?
Zeiss had just developed a detachable scope mount that, like some other German mounts, could be quickly snapped on and off a rifle without tools.
Detachable A1 coupon (XS0299535384): downgraded to 'Asf' from 'AAAsf'; Outlook Stable
"However, the decline is being offset by the strong performance of detachable tablets, which in turn are cannibalizing demand for notebooks."
The IDC report further said that detachable shipments surged 167.1 per cent during July-September 2015 quarter and is expected to make up 10.2 per cent of the market by the end of 2019, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 62.5 per cent.
This new limited edition Polo which effortlessly boasts of stunning features like black roof foil, detachable made-to-size window blinds and carbon fibre finish on ORVMs will further cement its place as the sporty, dynamic and a powerful hatch in the hearts of its owners.'
Pharma-Comb labels include one or more detachable parts that are printed with important information and, if necessary, also allow the physician or nurse to add additional hand-written data.
For a highly effective analgesic housed in small plastic containers and drawn using a pipette, a pharma customer needed a label with a particularly large number of detachable parts.
The detachable 2220 daypack is easily clipped to the suspension frame or worn independently, the bare frame used to haul out the heaviest loads.
On the other hand, detachable mounts have been popular in Europe for decades, long before they were common over here.
M2 PHARMA-June 11, 2014-Covidien awarded US FDA approval for detachable tip micro catheter, the Apollo Onyx micro catheter
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 11, 2014-Covidien awarded US FDA approval for detachable tip micro catheter, the Apollo Onyx micro catheter
The reverse side of the detachable section is designed so it can be applied to a syringe in a flag-like fashion that leaves graduation lines uncovered.