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mass destruction

Widespread death and devastation. If they launch a nuclear attack against us, it will cause mass destruction.
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weapon of mass destruction

Any weapon, especially one that is nuclear, chemical, or biological in nature, that can be used to end lives and cause damage on a very large scale. Popularized in recent times by the administration of US President George W. Bush in relation to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Sometimes used for hyperbolic, sarcastic, or humorous effect. The report concluded that the country had been manufacturing weapons of mass destruction in order to cause as much death and destruction as possible. Ugh, crack a window, dude—that fart was a weapon of mass destruction!
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wreak (something) on (someone or something)

To cause a lot of something very bad to happen to someone or something. Used especially with "destruction," "havoc," and "vengeance." This humidity is wreaking havoc on my hair. The twister wreaked untold destruction on the tiny town. She swore she would wreak vengeance on the man who double-crossed her.
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wreak (something) upon (someone or something)

To cause a lot of something very bad to happen to someone or something. Used especially with "destruction," "havoc," and "vengeance." This humidity is wreaking havoc upon my hair. The twister wreaked untold destruction upon the tiny town.
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weapons of mass destruction

Also, WMD. Weapons that can greatly harm or kill large numbers of people and/or severely damage man-made structures or the biosphere. The term was first used by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1937 with reference to the aerial bombardment of Guernica, Spain. Less than a decade later, the term was applied to nonconventional weapons, specifically nuclear weapons. During the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, the term was used by President John F. Kennedy, referring to nuclear missiles. Fearing Iraq’s use of nuclear weapons, the alleged existence of such weapons became the main justification for the 2003 invasion of that country. By then, the term was so well known and so often abbreviated that it was on its way to clichédom.
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That climate acts in main part indirectly by favouring other species, we may clearly see in the prodigious number of plants in our gardens which can perfectly well endure our climate, but which never become naturalised, for they cannot compete with our native plants, nor resist destruction by our native animals.
For in such cases, we may believe, that a plant could exist only where the conditions of its life were so favourable that many could exist together, and thus save each other from utter destruction. I should add that the good effects of frequent intercrossing, and the ill effects of close interbreeding, probably come into play in some of these cases; but on this intricate subject I will not here enlarge.
All that we can do, is to keep steadily in mind that each organic being is striving to increase at a geometrical ratio; that each at some period of its life, during some season of the year, during each generation or at intervals, has to struggle for life, and to suffer great destruction. When we reflect on this struggle, we may console ourselves with the full belief, that the war of nature is not incessant, that no fear is felt, that death is generally prompt, and that the vigorous, the healthy, and the happy survive and multiply.
As he said, had he dreamed that he was ever to be discovered he would have worked more rapidly and accomplished a thousand times the destruction he did.
Summary: The global Sharps Destruction Devices Market is apprehended to see impressive growth in the near future due to present successful models and new product innovations.
FOLLOWING the massive destruction of billboards and campaign posters of candidates in some local governments across the state, Ebonyi state government yesterday announced that it will embark on three-day sensitisation against ongoing destruction of campaign posters and billboards of candidates for the forthcoming general election.
Oman has completed the destruction of its stockpile of anti-personnel mines according to the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC).
BAGHDAD, IRAQ (NINA) - The Joint Operations Command announced the destruction of 50 targets and a number of caches and caves used as terrorist hideouts in the Hamrin Mountains Range.
Marley the Staffordshire Bull Terrier had already attacked children and a destruction order had been made early last year.
Now it can be revealed the order issued by magistrates for the dog to be put down failed to stipulate who should carry out the destruction - so no one did.
An air traffic controller at the Charlotte International Airport, North Carolina, was arrested for allegedly being in possession of a weapon of mass destruction.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iraqi Air Force announced in a statement on Monday the destruction of the ISIL explosives factory in Hawija city in Western Kirkuk province.
by ONA The laboratory provides all solutions and services for the secure destruction of paper and electronic documents and similar to all government agencies, companies, private institutions and individuals.