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an ant may well destroy a whole dam

proverb A small problem can cause catastrophic damage if left unchecked. A: "I can't believe that minor leak totally rotted the floorboards in here." B: "Unfortunately, an ant may well destroy a whole dam."
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destroying angel

Any of the extremely poisonous mushrooms of the genus Amanita. Don't pick that mushroom—it's a destroying angel!
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mod. drug intoxicated. The kid who took angel dust is destroyed most of the time.
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Meanwhile, an army unit advanced in the city of Sheikh Miskin, 22 km north of Daraa city and established control over the Housing, al-Madagen and the Water Resources area after destroying the terrorist gatherings there, killing a number of them, while the rest fled, leaving behind their equipment and weapons .
Exceptions should be very limited and the reasons for not destroying certain documents should be dearly demonstrated.
"Many people, including the President, are concerned about destroying life in order to save life," says Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology in Worcester, Mass.
This case imposes a duty to inquire further about the significance of records affected by pre-litigation discussions prior to destroying them.
Aharon Barak writes in the ruling that Israel is in a state of war and destroying the houses of families is part of the overall war activity.
It is the magnetic media inside the casing that needs to be destroyed." Thompson's suggestion for destroying it: "Burn it to a crisp and make sure that the remains are crushed to dust."
Britain's Genetix Snowball published a book describing the best tactics for stealing into a field at night and destroying it.
Near Al Hawl, three airstrikes struck three separate ISIL tactical units, destroying two vehicles and wounding a fighter.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Units of the Syrian armed forces carried out several operations against militants' dens and gatherings in several provinces, killing and injuring a large group of the rebels in addition to destroying their equipment.
"I oppose federal funding for stem-cell research that involves destroying living human embryos," the president pledged on May 18, 2001 in a letter to Robert A.
We are killing the planet to provide this, and we are destroying local cultures as precious as the species of plants and animals that we make extinct almost every day.
If so, destroying known samples would be a pointless exercise and, worse, would prohibit research and hobble future production of vaccines to guard against terrorist threats.
Near Sinjar, one airstrike struck an ISIL large tactical unit, destroying an ISIL heavy machine gun, an ISIL fighting position, an ISIL command and control center and an ISIL building, it said.
Four vehicles equipped with machineguns, a cannon and a tractor belonging to the terrorists were destroyed during the army operations, in addition to destroying amounts of arms and ammunition.