destine (someone) for (something)

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destine (someone) for (something)

To cause one to be likely to do, receive, or become something in the future. Sean's singing voice really destined him for greatness in musical theater. Not studying for your exam will destine you for failure.
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destine someone for something

to determine that someone should receive or achieve something in the future. Her many talents destined her for a distinguished career. Larry's intelligence destined him for big things.
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destined for something

predetermined to achieve or become something. I know I am destined for a job that is better than this. We are destined for death in the long run.
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Josemaria has contributed to the Church and the world strikes the best balance between being committed to building as perfect a human society as possible and the constant awareness that we are children of our Father God who has destined us for eternal happiness with Him in heaven.
Our history and our culture have destined us for greatness, and our future should showcase this destiny.Our last message is to the governments representing the 166 countries that will vote next November to choose the winning host country for Expo 2020.