destined for

destined for (something)

Likely to do, receive, or become something in the future. We knew that Sean was destined for greatness the moment he stepped on the stage in his first play. If you didn't study for your exam, then you are destined for failure.
See also: destine

destined for something

predetermined to achieve or become something. I know I am destined for a job that is better than this. We are destined for death in the long run.
See also: destine
References in classic literature ?
They then came to a massive door, which after the introduction into the lock of a key which the young man carried with him, turned heavily upon its hinges, and disclosed the chamber destined for Milady.
You are here in the apartment destined for you, madame.
Sir, as she is destined for the king, I would have you observe that she is extremely tired with the long journey, and before presenting her to his Majesty you would do well to keep her a fortnight in your own house, and to see that a little care is bestowed upon her.
He gave the beautiful Persian an apartment near to that of his wife, whom he charged to treat her as befitting a lady destined for the king, and to order for her the most magnificent garments.
As soon as he saw the beautiful Persian, though aware that she was destined for the king, he let himself be carried away by her charms, and determined at once to use every means in his power to retain her for himself.
Has my husband not told you that you are destined for the king?
The apartment destined for the purpose was spacious and lighted by a number of windows, over each of which was written in golden letters for some inexplicable reason the name of one of the principal cities of France; beneath these windows a wooden balcony extended the entire length of the house.
Have you not heard me say that from his earliest hours he was destined for his cousin?
They are destined for each other by the voice of every member of their respective houses; and what is to divide them?
This little cortege escorted the king to the chamber destined for him.
When arrived at the apartment destined for the king, which communicated not only with the little passage we have passed through, but further with the great staircase leading to the court, --
He thought all these excursions a sheer loss of time, and was resolved to land at once, build a shelter for the reception of that part of his cargo destined for the use of the settlement, and, having cleared his ship of it and of his irksome shipmates, to depart upon the prosecution of his coasting voyage, according to orders.
Delivery area surcharges assessed for FedEx Express shipments destined for locations in select ZIP codes will increase by 25 cents per package.
11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States, SST is an industry-driven initiative leveraging 7th-generation RFID-driven technologies and networked software to improve the security and efficiency of transporting cargo containers, particularly those destined for U.
We are intent on identifying profitable opportunities for transporting bulk and merchandise commodities destined for China, and handling two-way trade in products transported in containers.