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destine (someone) for (something)

To cause one to be likely to do, receive, or become something in the future. Sean's singing voice really destined him for greatness in musical theater. Not studying for your exam will destine you for failure.
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destined for (something)

Likely to do, receive, or become something in the future. We knew that Sean was destined for greatness the moment he stepped on the stage in his first play. If you didn't study for your exam, then you are destined for failure.
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destine someone for something

to determine that someone should receive or achieve something in the future. Her many talents destined her for a distinguished career. Larry's intelligence destined him for big things.
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destined for something

predetermined to achieve or become something. I know I am destined for a job that is better than this. We are destined for death in the long run.
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'First of all, we will try win the match, if we are destined to play the semi-final, there will be a miracle,' he said.
It was destined for Monrovia-Liberia and had been delivered for export by a clearing agent.
"Destined for Change" came to my attention during a season of change in my life.
Caption: Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez with Fried Frank Real Estate Department Chairman Jonathan Mechanic and other participants and students from the Bronx launch of Project Destined at Viacom's New York City HQ on March 3, 2018.
According to the data borrowed from, more than 44% of the total exports from Pakistan were destined to the five aforementioned countries in 2016.
RAWALPINDI -- Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa Monday said the struggle of Kashmiris was destined to succeed.
Soon after Imran took to twitter to object to the placement of the former prime minister's picture on government-issued health cards, Maryam hit back at the PTI chief, stating he was destined to complain and be afraid.
This system is routing traffic not destined for the markets into that area, leading to severe traffic congestion where buses from Bradford Street have to cross into Moat Lane which causes further traffic jams.
Born in a zoo in Mykolaev, Ukraine, the animals were destined for a zoo in Syria, according to the customs declaration.
Professor Graham Allison gazes into the future of US-China relations in Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides's Trap?
She finds the tyrannical Red Queen has begun a reign of terror that can only be ended by slaying the monstrous Jabberwocky - a task she is seemingly destined to attempt.
Trucks not destined for Delhi continue to use the Capital as transit route
Because this is turning out to be one of the earliest blooming years on record, plants that were destined for Chelsea are at their peak now, so the floral exhibits and the gardens are packed with treasures not usually seen.
Drugs were brought from Afghanistan and were destined abroad via Gawadar.
The raids reportedly targeted rockets destined for Lebanon's Hizbullah.