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despoil (something) of (something)

To rob something valuable from a particular place or thing. I can't believe that a thief despoiled the art museum of an original Picasso. It seems that someone despoiled the ancient tomb of its jewels before we got here.
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despoil something of something

to make something, such as a town, tomb, or building, lose value by stealing from it; to rob something of something. The vandals despoiled the castle of much of its furnishings. The land was despoiled of its fertility by overplanting.
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But they're foisted on the rest of us and remain for decades despoiling the city.
07) when he referred to the despoiling of bonfire night and stated that in future the Government should consider public displays of fireworks only.
It would result in the despoiling of Joshua Tree National Park, while avoiding the difficult question of how to manage solid waste in a sustainable manner.
These billboards are dangerous and despoiling and I make no apology for my campaign against them
Do you think cars lead to aggression and crime (think of "road rage" and those drive-by shootings), and are responsible for despoiling the earth ("They paved paradise/Put up a parking lot")?
Others have commented on the insufferable strain this will put on the infrastructure and roads of the locality, so I shall confine myself to urging the council to think twice - three times - before despoiling one of the lushest parts of South Wales.
I and, of course, many others would very much like to see the evidence-based projections which KMC use to support their continuing claim that despoiling hundreds of acres of irreplaceable green land will bolster local employment and kick-start the Kirklees economy.
Even somewhere like Chester, which has rather a grand opinion of itself, is not immune from this dreadful despoiling of the landscape.
In making this argument, he identifies eight "wars" China is engaged in: destroying global intellectual property regimes, operating as a major banking hub for drug money laundering, despoiling the environment with toxic industrial emissions, working with dictators around the world in order to satisfy their need for oil, acting as a relentless imperial creditor nation, endangering the welfare and prosperity of lower Mekong River countries through the reconstruction of massive dams, failing to manage its own internal political stability, and threatening to unleash HIV/AIDS and other disease epidemics upon its own population and the rest of the world.
And the authors name names, from Charles Hurwitz, the corporate raider whose holding company MAXXAM is despoiling old-growth redwoods, to Mark Rey, the timber industry lifer appointed by President Bush to oversee the Forest Service.
For an extra $20 million, the city could build a wastewater treatment facility to clean the water without despoiling one of the Valley's few open spaces.
I don't think I have ever seen a single issue in my life more insanely stupid than despoiling our green and pleasant land and our seascape with ugly bird and bat-chomping monsters that don't work" - Nigel Farage, leader of Ukip "Worried about a skin condition?
I'M not quite sure what message Kirklees Council leader Clr Mehboob Khan was trying to convey in his justification for the despoiling of greenfield sites in Tuesday's Examiner ('We need to free up more land for firms').
Every football club now has a huge advertising logo despoiling their shirts, although in the case of our abominable second strip, no company - not even an arms manufacturer - could despoil that.
The rape of women and despoiling of children and all the other ugliness described in the letter could be seen and felt as a real potential threat even in the re-enactor army.