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despoil (something) of (something)

To rob something valuable from a particular place or thing. I can't believe that a thief despoiled the art museum of an original Picasso. It seems that someone despoiled the ancient tomb of its jewels before we got here.
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despoil something of something

to make something, such as a town, tomb, or building, lose value by stealing from it; to rob something of something. The vandals despoiled the castle of much of its furnishings. The land was despoiled of its fertility by overplanting.
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For the first time in the history of a people that has been persecuted, oppressed, plundered and despoiled for hundreds of years in the countries of Europe a persecutor and despoiler has been obliged to return part of his spoils and has even undertaken to make collective reparation as partial compensation for the material losses.
15) Thus an absolute contrast is established between Hastings and his predecessor Clive, who in the rhetoric of earlier anti-Company propaganda was frequently depicted as a despoiler of the paradisal garden that was India.
1) I insist on emphasizing the property of others, because the behaviour would not be so despicable if it treated in the same manner the property of the despoiler.
The Supreme Court ruled, however, that, "The doctrine of spoliation merely permits an inference that the destroyed evidence would have been unfavorable to the despoiler.
11) Omnia praesumuntur contra spoliatorem: "All things are presumed against the despoiler or wrongdoer.
But hope turned to alarm at the governor's choice of Barry Munitz, a former vice president of clearcutter and Headwaters despoiler Maxxam, to head his transition team.
Or will these lands be turned over by you to the despoiler just for the simple reason that the white man says he needs it, and all eyes and ears be turned away from the complaint of the Cherokees?
Time's Atom" is referred to in both Safve's Kuperad lek eller Skandaren fran Skanninge (Cut Deck or The Despoiler from Skanninge) (Stockholm: Prisma, 1990) and Molza, alskaren.
Shattered that an animal species I had loved and even trusted since childhood should turn out to be such a brutal despoiler of the ecosystem, I staggered upstairs to my study, hoping to take consolation from listening to a new compact disk I had purchased.
Morbidly fearful of his heredity, Dmitri reviles his father not so much for what he has done--cheated his son of both birthright and lover--as for what he is, a cruel, crafty despoiler of all that is decent.
Ege as Collector and Despoiler," 26 June 2015, Research Group on Manuscript Evidence, http://manuscriptevidence.
Through the entire mess, "perhaps the character of the former husband stands forth as worthy of the greatest admiration," he said, though he did allow that it was "a pity that Obenchain did not feel the necessity of laying a heavy hand on the despoiler of his home.
William Rufus, William the Conqueror's successor, "was greedy, hateful, revengeful, inconstant in purpose, unfaithful to all, impious and a despoiler of the church, and highly irregular in his private life.
The misfortune of his master, his oppressor, despoiler, pillager, of the man who laid waste his town and killed his dear ones under his very eyes.
Instantly Richard morphs from wayward son to traitor, enemy, and despoiler of his father's way of life.