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despoil (something) of (something)

To rob something valuable from a particular place or thing. I can't believe that a thief despoiled the art museum of an original Picasso. It seems that someone despoiled the ancient tomb of its jewels before we got here.
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despoil something of something

to make something, such as a town, tomb, or building, lose value by stealing from it; to rob something of something. The vandals despoiled the castle of much of its furnishings. The land was despoiled of its fertility by overplanting.
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But the system is weak if the price we must pay is a despoiled ocean environment, skyrocketing asthma rates or a warming planet.
I trust those foolhardy enough to fly them in Wales will not find their flags despoiled in any way.
And God gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians, who let them have what they asked; and they despoiled the Egyptians.
While the Nature Conservancy works to preserve remaining natural areas in the state, Audubon Arkansas works to restore landscapes that have been despoiled.
As you know, a few idiots in France have despoiled a number of graves, but in most cases the perpetrators have been found and penalized.
Trash, traffic, algae-clogged lakes, fire-devastated forests - human beings have a hand in all the mounting problems of the despoiled wilderness.
In the confusion, brother George and five others seized the despoiled vessel and contrived to sail it to safety.
Iceland -- Eastern Iceland's glacial wilderness is about to be despoiled by a large aluminum smelter.
Insofar as the Earth Spirit lives with us in and through the created world, then God as Spirit suffers loss and pain whenever the biotic order is despoiled through human arrogance.
No contemporary observer could have failed to recognize in the figures of the virgin Pallas with the bound Cupid, despoiled of his feathers and armaments, a direct allusion to Petrarch's Triumph of Chastity from the Trionfi, a universally beloved poem that we have already seen inspired many festival cars and the numerous depictions of them in art (among them Sellaio's Triumphs).
French Communists - seeing their own government sell $7 billion of France Telecom and 49 percent of Air France - must have struck the famous Native American pose, tearfully watching their beloved habitat despoiled by evil modern forces.
They get land protections that will provide outdoor recreation and prevent the kind of development that has despoiled the Croton watershed.
But they do share some basic values-for example, a fierce desire not to see prime hunting, fishing, and scenic areas despoiled by oil derricks and condominiums.
SIR - It is not just Mynydd y Gwair which is being despoiled by foreign wind "farms", paid for by the taxpayer.
Demonstrators expressed social and political claims requiring, particularly, the departure of the Interim Government and demanding that symbols of corruption be accountable, particularly through return of people's assets despoiled by the family of the ousted president, reform of the judiciary and employment.