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in despite of

In spite of; disregarding. You want to sell the house now, in despite of all the renovations we've done to make it our dream home?
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despite (oneself)

Despite one not wanting or intending to. I enjoyed our walk but had to sit down despite myself because my knee started bothering me.
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despite yourself

used to indicate that you did not intend to do the thing mentioned.
1995 Ginu Kamani Junglee Girl Sahil chuckled, despite himself.
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Despite the chill wind, I had a fantastic day at Chasetown (left) and I look forward to seeing their rise I had a fantastic day at Chasetown (left) and I look forward to seeing their rise through the leagues in the coming seasons.
It does so despite the fact that history would suggest that today's unusually favorable economic conditions for the emerging market economies are unlikely to persist.
08 million square feet so far in 2005--are not far behind Midtown, despite an unimpressive though stable availability rate of 11.
Despite a government clampdown on new steel-making, aluminum and cement production, China last year became the world's biggest iron ore market, owing to a 40 percent increase in imports to 209 million tons.
Despite all the sorrow surrounding the sexual abuse of children by priests, it's hard to deny that the soul-searching and consciousness-raising about the topic is the scandal's bright silver lining; the tragedy, perhaps, is that it took events of such magnitude to wake us up.
Prediction 4: Company executives that overuse buzzwords like "authenticity" and "Brand DNA" are hung in effigy by journalists attending the world's auto shows, despite an overwhelming desire to do it for real.
Furthermore, Flynt still, despite being attacked for years and even shot and crippled by these same moralists for daring stand up, has a wonderful sense of humor and his quips throughout the book lighten the mood enough that you can start laughing at these morons in power instead of just crying.
Despite such protection, the recent study showed similar levels of DNA damage between mothers and newborns.
It is a tribute then to the indefatigable American worker that he or she persistently manages to produce an enormous quantity of worthwhile goods and services despite widespread reports that he or she has degenerated into a shiftless loafer and lecher, and that the workplace itself has descended into a maelstrom-like state of advanced entropy.
The Cornejos are succeeding despite ballet's current emphasis on brash athleticism, winning gradual opportunities rather than overnight stardom.
Despite an extension in the deadline from June 15 to Nov.
The Chavez administration is keen on selling more oil to the United States, too, despite its wariness of the U.