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despise (one) for (something)

To hate one for a particular reason. Don't even mention Tiffany's name to me—I despise her for starting that rumor about me last year.
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despise someone for something

to hate someone for something or for doing something. I just despise him for running away! She despised herself for her dishonest actions.
See also: despise
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CAMPAIGNER: Joseph Rotblat grew to despise nuclear arms
Without this--with work which you despise, which bores you, and which the world does not need--this life is hell.
It's the Old Firm derby of speedway and they despise us as well.
I've grown to despise the Lottery because it's a tax on the poor and because it's a tax on those who are poor at maths (well at least sixfifths of them).
Yes, I despise Blair for his sanctimony and his absurd arrogance.
I despise MPs who have abused their expenses, but I despise even more those who have enjoyed the perks of office while neglecting their constituents.
synonyms: despise and scorn mean to consider a person or thing as not worth noticing or taking an interest in.
Perhaps that might just help me understand your actions and save me from going down a right-wing path that I despise.
I despise West's antigay bills, and I wish society were tolerant enough to allow him to feel comfortable living his life openly.
The fact that the mullahs in Tehran despise and fear the MEK helps bolster their status in my mind.
By carrying this poster we send out these messages We are revolted and shocked by the appalling murder of Anthony Walker We open our hearts to his family and his friends and offer them our unconditional support We despise and reject his killers as we despise and reject anyone preaching or practising any form of racism
Dear Editor, - The business lobby's view of buses is rather akin to a family aunt at Christmas who they daren't disown but it's obvious to everyone else they despise.
Today it defends the spiritual dimension of love against the nihilists, who despise the soul.
This thing--which most of my colleagues despise and feel very uncomfortable about and will make any excuse to not have to deal with--keeps fitting the data so nicely," says Tegmark.
Given the above preconditions of fascism which characterized pre-fascist Germany and Italy, the crucial missing step in the United States thus far is the creation of a well-organized extreme right-wing movement with not only a clear political and ideological content but which is also capable of terrorist action against minorities they despise.