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Ultimately, Huntly's empathetic identification with Clithero leads him to a state of "phrenzy"; he thus inexplicably begins to experience a ravenous hunger (a sensation which he previously attributed to Clithero): "The inroads of hunger were already experienced, and this knowledge of the desperateness of my calamity, urged me to phrenzy" (163-64).
Yet only when integrated into the whole does it gather its real significance: a portrayal of man's desperateness to escape such a fate; the act a breaking of the order of the universe and a union of separate races; an underlying of the work's evocation of pity which requires relation to contex t: the realisation that such an incident is written as a reflection of real man's own fear of death, and as a spiritual message.
In your desperateness, you miss a point: Not every kiss between men--or even every sex act between men--announces gayness.
Although in certain cases the use of soxeax may serve the pragmatic function of downplaying the seriousness or desperateness of the subject's interest in the conversation, this does not suggest that soxeax IN GENERAL conveys the idea of lack of seriousness.
Desperateness at the prospects of limitations of, or no, choices and miscalculation based on stubbornness can lead to adventurous decisions.
Such deprivation serves to shape what John Fletcher terms Beckett's artful achievement of "distill[ing] in words" an "experience, or a vision, of the misery and of the desperateness of life.
Cartoon #7 communicates the sense of desperateness of those collecting relief at the time, laying the accent on the relegation of relief's cruel paucity, It is reflective of the popular CPC slogan 'Tight or Starve" that often punctuated the pages of the Worker as the analogic "big hand" of government is finely outfitted in a suit and cufflinks as opposed to the thin.
Quasi-patriotic iconography aside, the overwhelming shade on the jacket is black, signifying this country's obsession, the thing that is its basis, this thing it can't let go--which James Baldwin knew above all else, as he recognized the falsity of whiteness as a category, and the desperateness with which white Americans hold fast to their classifications.
The desperateness of the attempt is reflected in the sounds of the line, as "success" seems virtually to leap out before "surcease" has died away - as Macbeth tries to make "surcease be success.
He expressed concern over the Zionist regime's "evil acts" against the region's security, and said, "Such desperate moves are not a sign of power and might but they show the regime's desperateness and confusion in dealing with the regional developments.
I have had countertransferences of helplessness, a sense of failure, desperateness, lostness, and disconnection which tell me of his feeling state.
I don't think he feels a desperateness of having to use all the time he's on the floor to exert that kind of pressure on the defense, because he can trust his teammates.
Notably a Post-Modern choreographer, Bj[inverted question mark]rnsgaard has an eye for the theatrical staging of irresistible glamour, sexuality, and intimacy, thereby keeping the desperateness of boredom at a comfortable distance.
Isabel responds in horror, recognizing the desperateness of the gesture.