despair of (something)

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despair of (something)

To view a situation as hopeless. Considering her dire diagnosis, I despaired of grandma ever regaining her health.
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despair of something

to give up all hope of something. Do not despair of his returning; I think we will see him again. I despair of ever seeing her again.
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despair of

To lose all hope for something or someone: The shipwrecked sailors despaired of being rescued. I have seen so much unfairness that I despair of a just world.
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Indeed, no one despairs of relief from Allah except the disbelieving people."} [Quran 12:87] {And who despairs of the Mercy of his Lord except for those astray?} [Quran 15:56] If a servant is a real believer, he will never despair; rather, he will be always cheerful, satisfied and looking forward to what is better in all cases and under all circumstances.
When the sinner despairs of the forgiveness of sins, it is almost as if he walked right up to God and said, 'No, there is no forgiveness of sins, it is impossible,' and it looks like close combat.
This fatalist's despair--as with the sinner who despairs of the forgiveness of sins-is exacerbated by the loss of possibility.
At the point at which salvation from despair transpires as a human impossibility, Anti-Climacus astutely identifies an implicit psychology of offense at work in the self which despairs of the forgiveness of sins: namely, offense against the divine forgiveness of sins--a forgiveness which, perhaps even due to its melancholy self-indictment, the self regards as "impossible" (p.
But even though Psalm 22 ends on a note of praise and confidence, it should not be overlooked that in about one-half of the verses the psalmist despairs of his fate and pleads for help.