despair of (something)

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despair of (something)

To view a situation as hopeless. Considering her dire diagnosis, I despaired of grandma ever regaining her health.
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despair of something

to give up all hope of something. Do not despair of his returning; I think we will see him again. I despair of ever seeing her again.
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despair of

To lose all hope for something or someone: The shipwrecked sailors despaired of being rescued. I have seen so much unfairness that I despair of a just world.
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It is this determinate principle that emerges more explicitly towards the end of 1849's The Sickness unto Death, where doubt and loss of hope in forgiveness are evoked under the rubric of perhaps the most intensified form of despair: 'The Sin of Despairing of the Forgiveness of Sins (Offense)'.
A second, albeit related, tactic for choosing to wallow in sin rather than embrace forgiveness is exposed and indicted by Anti-Climacus under the rubric of "the sin of despairing of the forgiveness of sins (offense)." In this case, the self is "directly before Christ" and, as such, the offer of forgiveness is more directly explicit.
He added, 'This is not the place to rehearse arguments about the fence; it is enough to recognise that it is seen by so many as one community decisively turning its back on another, despairing of anything that looks like a shared resolution, a shared future, a truly shared peace.'
Many analysts, despairing of reaching a usable understanding, have endeavored to substitute a "rule" for monetary policy to eliminate a need to analyze or to forecast economic developments.