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in the depths of (something)

In the middle of and wholly consumed by a particularly negative and/or difficult situation or emotional state. The country was in the depths of the worst economic disaster of the last century. While I was in the depths of depression, I found that I couldn't even get out of bed in the morning.
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despair of (something)

To view a situation as hopeless. Considering her dire diagnosis, I despaired of grandma ever regaining her health.
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drive (one) to despair

To cause one to experience sadness, hopelessness, and/or frustration. I'm not surprised that his wife's death has driven him to despair—grief has that effect on people. Try not to let this rejection drive you to despair.
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despair of something

to give up all hope of something. Do not despair of his returning; I think we will see him again. I despair of ever seeing her again.
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drive someone to despair

Fig. to depress someone; to frustrate someone. Sometimes raising an infant drives me to despair! The recent problems drove her to despair.
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sink into despair

to become depressed; to become completely discouraged. After facing the hopelessness of the future, Jean Paul sank into despair. Mary sank into despair upon learning of the death of her grandmother.
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a counsel of despair

an action to be taken when all else fails.
2003 Guardian This is not a counsel of despair. The argument in favour of the euro can be won, as Winning From Behind, a pamphlet published today by Britain in Europe, argues.
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throw up your hands/arms in deˈspair, ˈhorror, etc.

(often humorous) show that you disagree strongly with something, or are very worried about something: When she said she wanted to get a motorbike, her parents threw up their hands in horror.
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despair of

To lose all hope for something or someone: The shipwrecked sailors despaired of being rescued. I have seen so much unfairness that I despair of a just world.
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In "the sin of despairing over one's sin" a second abyss of estrangement is postulated between the self and God.
The speeding star/on its despairing route/revolves in an eternal orbit.
He added, 'This is not the place to rehearse arguments about the fence; it is enough to recognise that it is seen by so many as one community decisively turning its back on another, despairing of anything that looks like a shared resolution, a shared future, a truly shared peace.
the wan face in profile against the pillow, the despairing mother at the bedside, the muted light, the tousled hair, the useless glass of water" (1).
Of gaiety and companionship to those with companions and of despairing loneliness, all too often, for those without.
It was an extraordinary and magnificent gift: awash alike with brilliant sunset colour, the swirling misty sea of sharks, squids and despairing people; it was simultaneously a celebration of the wonders of nature and a dramatic artistic attack on slavery, which had nobly been abolished in the British Empire by the arguments of people like Brougham and Wilberforce 33 years before the painting was made in 1840.
I often recall an old Foreign Legion movie which I think was satirically inclined, although by now I'm not quite sure, in which a sweaty and despairing officer turns to his equally sweaty and despairing Legionnaires, surveys the limitless sands around them, and announces, in confident tones: "Legion of the Lost--we're lost
20) Was it one such Calvinist who, when sought by a despairing Bunyan for counsel, effectively damned him?
Many analysts, despairing of reaching a usable understanding, have endeavored to substitute a "rule" for monetary policy to eliminate a need to analyze or to forecast economic developments.