desist from

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desist from (something)

To stop doing something. If you don't desist from blasting that music, I'm calling the police!
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desist from something

to stop doing something. You must desist from further attempts to contact your wife. I wish you would desist from calling me Willie.
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I urge you to desist from using drugs in sports," She said yesterday, adding that by competing clean, athletes would attract sponsorships from companies willing to invest in athletics.
Since Sanofi has not complied, we have issued summons directing them to cease and desist from airing the s and show cause why they should not be penalized for violating the law,' FDA Director General Nela Charade G.
It said that media would desist from giving arguments on the personal life of any candidate.
Speaking for the Spiegel Sunday, Rehn joined warnings from the IMF voiced earlier over the week that it might desist from continuing the crediting over fears Greece might default on its debt.
Geagea duly called on party officials to desist from similar future malpractices in the hope that all 3 presidents assume full responsibility in checking the party.
By Lahore, July 14, 2010 (Frontier Star): Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif said that No-one should be allowed to point score on water issue between Punjab and Sindh adding that Punjab will neither desist from its allocated water share nor take even a drop of water from Sindh's share.
You must cease and desist from any and all fundraising activities, including solicitation of sponsorships, immediately.
His letter also demanded that he "agree in writing to permanently cease and desist from the advertising, promoting, marketing, sale or distribution of any products bearing or referring to Universal Property.
Shipe, denying Respondents' motions to amend a stipulated confidentiality order, to strike from the record a motion filed by Board Enforcement Counsel, and to order Enforcement Counsel to show cause why they should not be ordered to cease and desist from "abusing the public record.
Global Banking News-September 21, 2017--China said to have instructed banks to desist from business with North Korea
The CDO directs Lapanday to desist from interfering with your operations inside your claimed area,' Adelaido Caminade, DAR Southern Mindanao sheriff, told the crowd of over 1,000 agrarian reform beneficiaries and their supporters, who responded by clapping.
Arab Ministerial Council called Iran to desist from policies that would feed the sectarian and religious conflicts and to refrain from supporting groups that are fueling these conflicts, in the Arab Gulf states, telling Iran to stop supporting and funding armed militias and parties, in the Arab states.
They also called upon the PTI Chief to desist from negative politics by staging sitin demonstrations and join hand with PM Nawaz Sharif to make the country 'Tiger of Asia'.