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by design

Deliberately and purposefully; as one planned or intended. I assure you that everything you saw has happened by design.
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a camel is a horse designed by a committee

Committees, due to their reliance on several different opinions and viewpoints, produce results that are fragmented, inefficient, or of poor quality, especially compared to the work of a single individual or a small team. A: "Did you see this latest memo? Can you believe the asinine decisions the task force made?" B: "Well, a camel is a horse designed by a committee."

(whether) by accident or design

Intentionally or not. Whether by accident or design, those high school kids have really created a solid, sustainable business.
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design (something) for (someone or something)

To create, devise, or plan something for someone or something. I asked our top graphic artist to design the visual component for this ad campaign.
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more by accident than (by) design

Due more to coincidence or luck than to one's own skill or planning. To be honest, I feel like the massive popularity of the app is more by accident than by design. A: "This stew is delicious!" B: "Thanks, but it's really more by accident than design."
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have designs on (someone or something)

To pursue something for one's own selfish reasons. I don't trust him because I think he has designs on my job.
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design something for someone

to conceive of something for someone; to draw up plans of something for someone. Ann designed a new kitchen for us. Would you design a book cover for me?
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design something for something

to conceive of something that is to be part of something else; to draw up plans for something that is to be part of something else. The engineers designed a cure for the rattling problem. Bob, the computer programmer, designed a fix for the bug in the program. She designed a system of shelving for the library.
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have designs on someone or something

Fig. to have plans to exploit or somehow take advantage of someone or something. Mrs. Brown has designs on my apple tree. I think she's going to cut off the part that hangs over her fence. Mary has designs on Bill. I think she'll try to date him.
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by design

On purpose, deliberately, as in Whether by luck or by design, his application was accepted. This term, originally put as on design, uses design in the sense of "plan." [First half of 1600s]
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have designs on

Contrive a secret plot or scheme, especially with selfish motives. For example, I think he has designs on my job, or Mary has designs on her sister's boyfriend. This term uses design in the sense of "a crafty plan," a usage dating from about 1700.
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have designs on something

If someone has designs on something, they want it and are planning to get it. The team has designs on a place in the Football League, and have a new stand rising at their Kingfield ground. Most observers believe that he has his own designs on power.
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have designs on someone

If one person has designs on another, the first person wants to have a sexual relationship with the second. The colonel had designs on Greg's wife.
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have designs on

aim to obtain something desired, especially in an underhand way.
2003 Economist Hardliners…think America has designs on its oil, and will act against Iran once it has disposed of Saddam Hussein.
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(whether) by ˌaccident or deˈsign

if you say that something happens by accident or design, you mean that you do not know if it has been planned or not: Mary was wearing the same T-shirt as me — whether by accident or design, I never knew.
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have deˈsigns on somebody/something

intend to take somebody/something for yourself, for example a job or a person who you find sexually attractive: Several people have got designs on the office manager’s post.I think she’s got designs on you, Peter.
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Molds are designed and built to minimize cycle time, offer top reliability, and simplify and/or reduce set-up time.
The cleat for the M1 was designed and specified to be forged, although other ice cleats are designed as both castings and forgings.
Standard equipment, as well as custom wipers, sprue pickers and part-removal equipment, is designed and built in-house.
Chip2Nite is specifically designed to provide physical information for logic designers needs and works with standard formats, including Verilog and Design Exchange Format (DEF).
Over the bedplate is a newly designed ceiling that consists of a high-tech white fabric heated, stretched and fitted to a grid of box frames that encase 585 color corrected fluorescent tubes.
7 includes several significant enhancements designed to boost the performance of Lattice silicon," said Joe Gianelli, Synplicity Vice President of Business Development.
In contrast to competitive products in the market, this integrated solution is specifically designed for board design groups, enabling cross-team collaboration plus design and library management.
Magma's fully automated PALACE physical synthesis technology designed for Actel devices has offered a tremendous performance gain, while eliminating unnecessary design iterations, resulting in cost savings and shortened design cycles.
To validate the effectiveness of the reference design flow, Synopsys' Advanced Technology Group designed and taped out a test chip tailored to UMC's 0.
Chip2Nite was designed from the ground up and is based on all new algorithms for cell placement and design closure that provide a higher probability of meeting IC design performance goals and reduce the number of issues typically discovered post-placement (i.
Synopsys Professional Services has great breadth and depth of understanding of how SoCs are designed and verified today, including considerable experience with complex implementation and verification environments.