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designated driver

A person who stays sober during a social gathering and is responsible for safely driving others from one location to another. Since Kara never drinks alcohol, she always offers to be the designated driver for her friends.
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designate (someone or something) as (something)

To label or name someone or something as something; to assign someone or something a specific role or status. The boss designated me as the point person for this project, so you guys have to listen to me. No, you can't sit here—mom designated this as the kids' table.
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designate someone or something as something

to choose or name someone or something as something. Alice will designate Andrew as our representative. She designated herself as the head of the committee.
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The idea is to take names to be "rigid" designators in essence--to be "Lewisrigid" rather than "Kripke-rigid".
This new approach requires that reference designators or actual net names not be considered, but rather the connectivity and other attributes.
The GLTD portable laser target designator and rangefinder has been purchased by many countries for their militaty forces.
My definition of an RR designator went like this: RDC: ([unkeyable]d) ([unkeyable]x) ([unkeyable]W)[d rigidly designates x in W [unkeyable] ([unkeyable]y)([unkeyable W')(d designated y in W' [right arrow] in W: x=y)].
Norwegian defence technology company Simrad Optronics ASA said on Monday (10 December) that it has been contracted to develop a new laser target designator for the Norwegian and Swedish armed forces.
As you might expect however, when the conflict was over, the tyranny of our acquisition process engaged again, and that laser designator came off the aircraft because it wasn't "in the program.
Following launch, the first APKWS rocket was guided by a ground-based laser designator to a ground target.
Additionally, this system features the Spectrox multi-spectral telescope, automated video tracker, thermal imager, laser pointer, dual cameras and laser designator rangefinder.
The ATK-supplied gun is controlled by the fire-control system, automatically linking the gun's aim point to the selected target of interest, as illuminated by the mission operators using the laser designator.
Australia's V-Tol Aerospace produces the i-Gimbal stabilised pay-load which contains an optional CCD television camera, active and passive infrared sensors, a thermal imaging camera, laser-rangefinders and a laser designator.
The assignment covers the development of a laser target designator add-on for the FOI2000 target locator system.
Selected officers would retain their SWO designator and would receive an additional qualification designator that indicates their area of specialization.
If your unit wants the weapon shield, submit a funded requistion to TACOM using the correct Priority Designator and Project Code.
These systems include the lightweight laser designator rangefinder (LLDR) and the thermal weapons sight (TWS).
The AT pod features advanced image processing for target identification and coordinate generation; forward-looking infrared sensor; charge-coupled device television sensors; laser spot tracker/range finder; infrared laser marker; and an infrared laser designator.