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designated driver

A person who stays sober during a social gathering and is responsible for safely driving others from one location to another. Since Kara never drinks alcohol, she always offers to be the designated driver for her friends.
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designate (someone or something) as (something)

To label or name someone or something as something. The boss designated me as the point person for this project, so you guys have to listen to me. No, you can't sit here—mom designated this as the kids' table.
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designate someone or something as something

to choose or name someone or something as something. Alice will designate Andrew as our representative. She designated herself as the head of the committee.
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We put the laser designator on the Predator and we sent it back over there and it was able to designate.
True design reuse must resolve conflicts in the design over duplicate reference designators, the manner in which net names are managed, and other design data differences.
He pointed out that, when the laser designator module is removed, the LLDR becomes 12 pounds lighter.
Designed to carry up to seven TALONs, the self-contained RRWS incorporates an electro-optical sensor and laser designator, together weighing about 500 pounds.
Karen Dallas whose request to transfer from designator 6510 to designator 3100 was confirmed by the Senate this past May.
The weapon presupposes the use of a target laser designator (either carried by the launching platform or another aircraft, or aimed at the target by a ground operator) and while it retains its dual direct or vertical attack modes, it can now be used to attack moving targets.
The ND3 Laser Designator creates true night vision, and turns a scoped rifle into a night hunter.
The upgrade included the addition of the long range advanced scout surveillance system (LRAS3) and the laser designator module (LDM).
Eliminates requirements for a contract administration office to perform production surveillance on contractors that have only Criticality Designator C (low-urgency) contracts, and for monitoring of progress on any Criticality Designator C contract, unless production surveillance or contracting monitoring is specifically requested by the contracting officer.
Eligible officers may receive bonuses of $15,000 based on designator and length of contract.
After too many of these exasperating exchanges, John said, "let's put a laser designator on the Predator.
Able to take off and land vertically, the craft is designed to fly at up to 20,000 feet carrying electro-optical, infrared senors, and a laser designator that can direct fire onto an enemy target.
The commercial agreement of LIAT and Caribbean Star means the flights of both airlines will be marketed as LIAT and identified by the "LI" airline designator although some planes will be clearly branded as Caribbean Star Airlines.
The ATK-supplied gun is controlled by the fire-control system, automatically linking the gun's aim point to the selected target of interest, as illuminated by the mission operators using the laser designator.
In exchange, kulula will be adding its partner's designator on all its South African local routes (Cape Town, Durban, George and East London).