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designated driver

A person who stays sober during a social gathering and is responsible for safely driving others from one location to another. Since Kara never drinks alcohol, she always offers to be the designated driver for her friends.
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designate (someone or something) as (something)

To label or name someone or something as something. The boss designated me as the point person for this project, so you guys have to listen to me. No, you can't sit here—mom designated this as the kids' table.
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designate someone or something as something

to choose or name someone or something as something. Alice will designate Andrew as our representative. She designated herself as the head of the committee.
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RESOLVED: That the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board, with respect to its statements of federal accounting standards and concepts adopted and issued in March of 1993 and subsequently; in accordance with its rules of procedure, the memorandum of understanding and public notice designating the FASAB's standards and concepts as having substantial authoritative support, be, and hereby is, designated by the Council of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants as the body to establish financial accounting principles for federal governmental entities pursuant to rule 203.
The concept of designating certain accounting methods unacceptable and requiring different terms and conditions for changes in method first appeared in Rev.
Although consultants were quickly onto the Wilderness Act with plans and proposals, bureaucrats at the Interior and Agriculture departments were more immediately concerned with the President's wife's beautification program than with designating potential Wilderness Areas in remote corners of the country where few, if any, registered voters resided.
Says Mike Williams, former EMS director for Orange County, California: "I've seen some good systems that with federal money were on the verge of designating trauma centers decompose, and others that have just gone into a silent mode.
So far, we are the only state in the country that is designating trauma rehab services.
The IRS has issued final regulations (TD 9237, 1/3/06) on designating elective contributions to a Sec.
They base this belief on the fact that neither McShain, 65 TC 686 (1976), nor revenue ruling 83-39 appears to attach much significance to notifying the IRS or designating property on the return.
The Kings had the option of designating veteran winger Nelson Emerson for assignment.
Biologists hired by Los Angeles County have recommended designating more than 316,000 acres in the Antelope Valley as significant ecological areas in a study being undertaken for an update of the county's general plan.
2000-2 liberalizes the rules for designating a qualified terminable interest property (QTIP) trust as the beneficiary of an individual retirement account (IRA) set forth in Rev.