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designated driver

A person who stays sober during a social gathering and is responsible for safely driving others from one location to another. Since Kara never drinks alcohol, she always offers to be the designated driver for her friends.
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designate (someone or something) as (something)

To label or name someone or something as something. The boss designated me as the point person for this project, so you guys have to listen to me. No, you can't sit here—mom designated this as the kids' table.
See also: designate

designate someone or something as something

to choose or name someone or something as something. Alice will designate Andrew as our representative. She designated herself as the head of the committee.
See also: designate
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Then ambassadors including Eid bin Mohammed Al-Thaqafi, designate to the Sultanate of Oman; Khalid bin Musaed Al-Anqari, designate to the Republic of Austria; Ahmed bin Yunus Al-Barrak, designate to Japan; and Hani bin Abdullah Moeminah, designate to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and ambassadors who were sworn in, greeted the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
Members who are eligible to practice in Florida, but who do not do so, are not required to designate an inventory attorney.
You can designate The VRG to receive any money that is not used during your retirement.
WHEREAS: The membership of the Institute has adopted rules 20l and 202 of the Rules of the Code of Professional Conduct, which authorizes the Council to designate bodies to promulgate technical standards with which members must comply, and therefore it is
The law Governor Richard Thornburgh finally signed gives the state no power to designate, monitor or enforce the trauma center system.
Philippe Thiebaud, Ambassador designate of France, Mr.
First, the employee must irrevocably designate amounts as Roth contributions at the time of the cash or deferred election.
The service's plan calls for 11,695 acres stretching from Santa Barbara to San Bernardino counties to be designated as critical habitat, a reduction from its originally proposed plan to designate 95,655 acres that included San Diego.
for Anheuser-Busch, found that awareness and support for the designate driver concept remains extremely high, twenty years after its introduction.
FOR ALIMONY TO BE TAX DEDUCTIBLE, payments must be made in cash under a divorce or written separation instrument, the spouses must reside in separate households, the payor's liability must end with the payee's death, the payor and payee must file separate returns and the divorce or separation instrument can't designate nonalimony treatment.
Don't we designate specific players to inbound the ball, be a chaser, shoot a technical foul, or run the offense?
Under the Wilderness Act of 1964, Congress has the ultimate authority to designate areas as federal Wilderness.
The Association filed a Petition with the California Office of Administrative Law (OAL) this week asking that agency to declare that Garamendi acted illegally in attempting to designate a recent settlement with American Reliable as a "precedential decision" of the California Department of Insurance (CDI).
They were Ambassador Ibrahim bin Sd Al-Ibrahim designate to the Kingdom of Sweden; Ambassador Dr.
Sanaullah, Pakistans Ambassador designate to Indonesia , Mr.