design (something) for (someone or something)

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design (something) for (someone or something)

To create, devise, or plan something for someone or something. I asked our top graphic artist to design the visual component for this ad campaign.
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design something for someone

to conceive of something for someone; to draw up plans of something for someone. Ann designed a new kitchen for us. Would you design a book cover for me?
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design something for something

to conceive of something that is to be part of something else; to draw up plans for something that is to be part of something else. The engineers designed a cure for the rattling problem. Bob, the computer programmer, designed a fix for the bug in the program. She designed a system of shelving for the library.
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Omniyat wanted a revolutionary design for One at Palm, one that would help achieve record-setting prices by delivering an extraordinary living experience for its buyers and so we roped in Soma, revealed Amjad.
Commenting on the project, Abboud said: "Our design for One at Palm shatters the predictable condo tower mould of curtain-walled containers by creating private villas in the sky, offering seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor space, and capturing the most remarkable views in a way that allows each residence to seemingly float above the sea."
If one of Formica's clients commissions the design for one of their products Jayne will receive a 5% royalty from Formica.
UniKeep[TM] is saying thank you to its rapidly growing number of loyal users by sponsoring a contest by which contestants can create and submit a custom cover design for one of the many sizes of UniKeep binders.
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