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design (something) for (someone or something)

To create, devise, or plan something for someone or something. I asked our top graphic artist to design the visual component for this ad campaign.
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design something for someone

to conceive of something for someone; to draw up plans of something for someone. Ann designed a new kitchen for us. Would you design a book cover for me?
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design something for something

to conceive of something that is to be part of something else; to draw up plans for something that is to be part of something else. The engineers designed a cure for the rattling problem. Bob, the computer programmer, designed a fix for the bug in the program. She designed a system of shelving for the library.
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a Design for Variability or multi-mode multi-corner)
The Sierra/Mentor collaborative effort is focused on delivering an IC implementation flow with the highest capacity, industry-leading Design for Variability and the industry's premier Litho-Friendly Design environment to mutual customers of the two companies.
This latest enhancement to our SPB product line means our customers have a real-time approach to design for assembly and the technology advancements they need to address their most pressing challenges in the constraint-driven PCB design flow," said Charlie Giorgetti, corporate vice president and general manager of system design at Cadence.
This reference flow, which supports designs targeting TSMC's Nexsys(SM) 65-nanometer, process technologies, includes innovative Cadence software for power optimization and analysis, design for manufacturing (DFM), chip-package integration, and design for test (DFT).
Design for Variability (DFV) refers to the analysis and optimization of a design for various design contexts and variations due to device/interconnect scaling.
Proactive management of the design and process variations during the design process is critical to reduce the likelihood of chip failures and is referred to as Design for Variability (DFV).
Keywords in this release: plastics design, industrial design, ID, design engineering, brushed aluminum, metamerism, soft-touch TPE, electrostatic powder coat process, chrome, two-shot, design for excellence, DFx
As part of the alliance, key technologies from both companies will be combined to create new collaborative design, component supplier management and design for supply chain solutions.
This provides an elegant technology enabler for the Design for Outsource business model that can cascade improved profitability across the electronics value chain.
Zaccai lectured and chaired a session entitled "Universal Design for the Home" at the International Conference for Universal Design on Monday, December 2nd, in Yokahama, Japan.
The Avalon Reference Design System now features the Promiere EDA+ tool, created and supported by SpinCircuit, which supports hardware design for Avalon BaseBoards, add-on cards, and systems.
Once a designer has a working prototype, SpinCircuit's Design for Supply Chain solution dramatically accelerates the time-to-manufacturing of the prototype.
We have been following the progress of Monterey Design for some time," stated Vig Sherrill, Vice President and General Manager of Flextronics Semiconductor.
Volan Design: Integrated Design for Product, Brand and
As a result, they are able to make more informed choices, more effectively optimizing the design for area and timing to achieve performance and cost objectives within a predictable development time.
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