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design (something) for (someone or something)

To create, devise, or plan something for someone or something. I asked our top graphic artist to design the visual component for this ad campaign.
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design something for someone

to conceive of something for someone; to draw up plans of something for someone. Ann designed a new kitchen for us. Would you design a book cover for me?
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design something for something

to conceive of something that is to be part of something else; to draw up plans for something that is to be part of something else. The engineers designed a cure for the rattling problem. Bob, the computer programmer, designed a fix for the bug in the program. She designed a system of shelving for the library.
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The concept of Design for Recycling encompasses several aspects of manufacturing products with safe, easy recycling at their end of life in mind.
Our intergenerational design team discussed such a 3D interface design for a Web portal, where users would move through a first-person 3D (or virtual, as the students called it) environment, browsing for information.
The software is based on two interlocking approaches: design for assembly (DFA) and design for manufacture (DFM).
has announced that AMD's Personal Connectivity Solutions Group (PCS) has selected Atrenta's SpyGlass Predictive Analyzer and SpyGlass Design For Testability (DFT) to predict critical testability and Register Transfer Language (RTL) handover issues right up front at RTL, before lengthy synthesis and simulation runs, thereby saving months of re-coding, re-synthesis and re-verification cycles.
Now everyone can see more of Bailey's exceptional design ideas in his new book, Preston Bailey's Design for Entertaining: Inspiration for Creating the Party of Your Dreams (Bulfinch Press).
Figure 4 illustrates a changing-criterion design for increasing classwork output.
Latest Project: Exterior design for the 2005 Xterra
Abstract: Proponents of experimental research design consider it to be the only means for establishing cause and effect relationships, and therefore the optimal design for drawing conclusions.
What is lovely design for all people with and without multiple sclerosis?
Parker to write "Desktop Publishing and Design for Dummie," and the result is expert advice rendered accessible.
Created in-house by Philips Corporate Industrial Design for Philips Medical Systems--under the direction of managing director Robert Blaich and industrial designer Gijs Ockeloen--the Integris goes beyond sculpted surfaces and effective accents to send a powerful message about successful product innovation.
The first step in using a genetic algorithm to find a good design for, say, an integrated-circuit chip is to express all the chip's major components as a string of digits, or "chromosome," in which small groups of digits (somewhat analogous to genes on a chromosome) correspond to different components.
Brandston Partnership's lighting design for Terminal 1 at the SOM designed Lester B.
"They worked on this design for a very long time, and it's further proof that our engine guys have a very complete understanding of the global market and what is possible.
Recently a leading proponent of universal design for senior living, consultant Susan Mack, OTR/L, CAPS, surveyed the long-term care horizon with Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Management Editor-in-Chief Richard L.
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