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deserve a medal

To warrant recognition for persevering through a challenging or tedious situation. This phrase is usually used humorously. Our realtor deserves a medal for putting up with all of our questions today.
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deserving cause

A cause that merits attention, aid, or action due to an inherent goodness of values or intention. The lawyer decided to waive her fees because she felt that the young man's case was a deserving cause.
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"As one of Williamsburg's most luxurious residential developments, 101 Bedford deservingly commands some of the highest rents in the area and offers one of the most spectacular amenity packages ever built," said Adam Heller, president of the firm.
Social travel series, which was aired on Dubai One -- Peeta Planet -- won the Outstanding Social Media Project of 2013 and quite deservingly so.
Three weeks have passed since the Egyptian army's commander-in-chief Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi made his very impressive and deservingly historic speech announcing the ouster of Mohamed Morsi from the presidency.
I find it difficult to ignore such contemptuous rudeness and so I answered deservingly. I believe people who give themselves the right to make racial remarks must be met with an appropriate public lecture in such way that they dare not to so confidently express ethnic or racial slurs.
Two minutes from recess, Mali deservingly increased the tally with the second goal through Keita.
Matthew Metcalfe, a supervisor in the motor claims department at the firm, who worked closely with the apprentices, said: "They have each developed to a point where they are providing excellent customer service, have sound knowledge of the claims environment and have been deservingly rewarded with full-time roles."
Later they were outstanding in the field and they deservingly won."
The film garnered Labaki much acclaim as both a director and actress and deservingly placed her on the international map of the movie world.
Some heed the lessons of their misfortune while others, deservingly or otherwise, fall deeper into the cracks of a Broken Irish society.
I have concluded, judging by all the shmaltzy (rhymes with Shmuley) pro-gay sentiments (except the one holdout, the Sephardic rabbi), that Judaism is going to hell in a handbasket--and deservingly so.
All and all the guys in Gravois Mills, Mo, are a busy bunch, and deservingly so.
Established in 1982, Dopet deservingly earned a reputation for consistently meeting clients' expectations in terms of on-time project completion and top-class services without compromising its quality and safety policies.
"Deservingly, the Globetrotters' show is the first live event to earn the PTPA Seal and we are honoured that they trusted us with their legendary show," said Sharon Vinderine, president and founder of PTPA Media Inc.
So far in Group G, the biggest shocker remain Montenegro, who have managed home wins against Wales and Switzerland, then beat Bulgaria away (all three by the same scoreline of 1-0), and to top it all, drew 0-0 with England at Wembley, deservingly standing atop the group with 10 points.