desert to

desert (someone or something) to (someone or something)

To leave or abandon someone or something to someone or something else. We can't desert Timmy to his grandmother—you know that vile woman can't be trusted! In order to pay the mortgage on my manse, I had to desert several of my jewels to auction.
See also: desert

desert someone or something to someone or something

to abandon someone or something to someone or something; to let someone or something have someone or something. Who deserted this child to her horrible fate? Sam deserted his land to the horde of grubby prospectors.
See also: desert
References in classic literature ?
In the first place," said the General, "we cannot march across the deadly desert to the Land of Oz.
One of my spies, who is a Blackbird, flew over the desert to the Land of Oz, and saw the Magic Belt in Ozma's palace," replied the King with a groan.
I'll make a secret tunnel under the desert to the Land of Oz--yes
Indeed, Ozma and Dorothy had both almost forgotten that such a person as the Nome King yet lived under the mountains of the Land of Ev--which lay just across the deadly desert to the south of the Land of Oz.
What I'd like," said Dorothy, "is to find some way to cross the desert to the Land of Oz and its Emerald City.
It was quite evident that he was coming down into the desert to hunt.
Sonoran (North America) Desert is the only desert to have the maximum number of animal and plant species.
The Western Australia Mallee shrub lies to the west, the Little Sandy Desert to the northwest, the Gibson Desert and the Central Ranges xeric shrub lands to the north, the Tirari and Sturt Stony deserts to the east, and the Nullarbor Plain to the south separating it from the Southern Ocean.
For the next 6 months, they dug pits in the desert to hide equipment, excavated trenches to protect soldiers, and built 2-meter-tall sand berms to slow opposing troops.
We pass Diamond Bar, Rancho Cucamonga, and other barely distinguishable towns, about two hours later approaching the giant wind mills of Morongo that mark the passage from the semi-arid desert to the arid extra-dry desert.
Their early photographs introduced images of the desert to the Western world, revealing the awesome intensity of space, light and landscape.