desert for

desert (someone or something) for (someone or something)

To leave or abandon someone or something for someone or something else. After years of being underpaid, she finally deserted her corporate job. I deserted my homeland for a country that had more opportunities available to me.
See also: desert

desert (someone or something) for (someone or something else)

to leave someone for someone else; to leave something or some place for some other thing or place. She deserted her husband for another man. Many retirees have deserted northern states for the warmer climates of the South.
See also: desert
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A revealing fact about this desert is that nomadic Bedouin tribes have traveled through the Arabian Desert for thousands of years.
Our destination is High Desert Test Sites, a project providing alternative space in the Southern California desert for more than thirty artists to make and show experimental work.
Jernstedt chuckles at the question of what dramas she endured during her quest in the desert for the elusive Welwitschia.
Once a saguaro dies and the fleshy parts have decayed, this woody skeleton remains as a fixture in the desert for many years.
Her findings offer a unique look at how these native Americans once turned to the hot desert for nourishment.