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desensitize (someone or something) to (something)

To lessen the effect that something has on someone or something. People blame video games for desensitizing kids to violence. This special toothpaste should desensitize to your teeth to cold beverages.
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desensitize someone to something

to make someone less sensitive to something. The doctor wanted to desensitize the allergic child to pollen. I took injections to desensitize me to house dust.
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In one of the oldest study demonstrated that desensitizing effect of fluoride is related, to precipitate fluoride compounds thus mechanically blocking dentinal tubules and create a barrier on the tooth surface which reduces hypersensitivity.
This study assessed the effects of selected in-office desensitizing treatments with 3 and 6 month follow-up to determine whether long-term relief was achieved.
This present research showed that the control group had a higher number of opened dentinal tubules; the other experimental groups had lower numbers of opened dentinal tubules, perhaps due to the action of desensitizing and abrasive agents occluding the tubules in the current results.
In 2009, the Colgate-Palmolive Company introduced a new in-office treatment for dentin hypersensitivity called ColgateA Sensitive Pro-ReliefTM desensitizing paste, based on the Pro-ArginTM technology.
After we received the desensitizing unit, the technician said that it would take about 2 hours to install it onto the side of the allCirc.
According to the manufacturers, the desensitizing lubricants inside the new condoms can delay climax by as long as five minutes.
Toothpaste manufacturers have been introducing toothpastes that contain desensitizing agents, but these products require weeks of repeated use to be effective, according to Fishman.
A 2009 Canadian clinical trial on home-use desensitizing toothpaste showed that brushing with a toothpaste containing 8 percent arginine-calcium carbonate is effective in reducing dentine hypersensitivity.
Other exclusion criteria were professional desensitizing therapy during the previous 3 months; neither pregnant nor lactating women were recruited.
Patients should be advised to brush with a desensitizing toothpaste twice daily and should continue its use indefinitely for long-term relief.
Rather than sensitizing people to treat animals more humanely, PETA has succeeded in desensitizing people to their message.
announces Sheer DesenZ[TM] Desensitizing Treatment with 3% Potassium Nitrate, the latest member of its SheerFilm[TM] family of products.
Though the following term is not perfect, for it still uses "marriage" (though from Greek), nevertheless it emphasizes that these homosexual "unions" are different from marriage, and removes the desensitizing technique of fusing "same- sex" with "marriage".