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Above and beyond!" It kind of desensitized us to what was bad.
A widespread lack of trust and respect for each other has desensitized us to the dangers inherent in the status of our public discourse.
"Mainstream media's coverage of social ills has desensitized us to the horrors reported in the headlines," she writes in her review of I Go to the Ruined Place.
The fact that this behavior comes from a company with the once-exalted stature of an AIG would be shocking if previous cases of corporate greed and malfeasance hadn't already desensitized us to these sorts of events.
Having desensitized us to their satisfaction regarding heterosexual sex, Hollywood now sees fit to propagate the love that won't speak its name as often and as robustly as possible.
Wade desensitized us to the humanity of the developing child by denying it as much personhood in law as an inanimate corporation has, such as argument would have been regarded as the moral equivalent of advocating sex with children.