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The daily horror of the murder scenes-pavements littered with blood, dead bodies, including children and teenagers, weeping loved ones-these should not desensitize us to the sufferings of our fellow Filipinos,' the party added.
While they can surely simplify things by giving us a starting point when dealing with different situations, they can also blind and desensitize us to other realities.
But we also have mountains of advertising copy that numb us to words' capacity for conveying truths about the world, and volumes of pornography that differently but just as assuredly desensitize us to the human in the machine, and, now, "torture memoranda" from the Bush Administration's Office of Legal Counsel that mock the hopes and promises of the Geneva Conventions.
Like Brokeback, it too would serve to desensitize us to the immoral and destructive reality of what we're seeing, while fervently coaxing us into embracing that which we once shunned" (WorldNetDaily.
I also want to help prepare people for the knowledge that we are not alone, though even the government has began to desensitize us to the idea.
Schelde argues that, in some ways, movies may desensitize us to the dystopian futures they depict.