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desensitize (someone or something) to (something)

To lessen the effect that something has on someone or something. People blame video games for desensitizing kids to violence. This special toothpaste should desensitize to your teeth to cold beverages.
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desensitize someone to something

to make someone less sensitive to something. The doctor wanted to desensitize the allergic child to pollen. I took injections to desensitize me to house dust.
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To the best of our knowledge, this is the first account from Pakistan of such a desensitization protocol.
MOYLE and CECH (1996) emphasized that the color is controlled by the endocrine and nervous systems, so we can infer that the change in the color of cobia skin tissue at the moment of desensitization was due to nervous system's loss of control in relation to the maintenance of pigments state.
Such therapy options include 100 mg PO BID doxycycline for 28 days or ceftriaxone 2 g IV or IM daily for 10-14 days if desensitization to penicillin is not possible, but there are limited data for the efficacy of these alternative therapies when there is evidence of neurosyphilis [13].
Based on our criteria, 7 sensitized patients, including 3 patients with positive preformed DSA, received desensitization therapy to decrease anti-HLA antibody levels and ensure a negative flow CDC before their retransplants.
The company's Characterized Oral Desensitization ImmunoTherapy (CODIT) approach is intended to achieve meaningful levels of protection by desensitising patients with defined, precise amounts of key allergens.
High-resolution brain SPECT imaging and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing in police officers with PTSD.
Keywords: Mobile APPs, installation of mobile APPs, consumer desensitization
During desensitization, you expose the dog to the fear-eliciting sound but at a low enough volume so that he remains relaxed in his haven.
A pilot study of omalizumab to facilitate rapid oral desensitization in high-risk peanut-allergic patients.
This novel peanut-containing powder triggered the beneficial desensitization reactions, without provoking harmful allergic responses in laboratory tests with mice.
-- Pancreatitis may be a rare complication of aspirin desensitization therapy--and perhaps actually not so rare--in patients with aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease.
Desensitization therapy for peanut allergy can significantly improve the life of children with a peanut allergy and allow them to eventually consume peanuts.
In contrast, 34.5% of allergists would perform a penicillin skin test if available, and 20.7% considered prescribing penicillin using a desensitization technique in patients requiring penicillin therapy.
The books are a critique of society, media and our culture's desensitization to violence.
Kelso and Keating (18) have reported successful desensitization for treatment of FDE to allopurinol; interestingly, desensitization to the causative drug in FDE has exclusively been reported to occur with allopurinol.