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desensitize (someone or something) to (something)

To lessen the effect that someone or something has on someone or something. People blame video games for desensitizing kids to violence. This special toothpaste should desensitize to your teeth to cold beverages.
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desensitize someone to something

to make someone less sensitive to something. The doctor wanted to desensitize the allergic child to pollen. I took injections to desensitize me to house dust.
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The role of eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy in medicine: addressing the psychological and physical symptoms stemming from adverse life experiences.
Two potential reasons for desensitization are that the consumer trusts the market to protect them and nothing bad has happened to them before.
Desensitization and counterconditioning should be used simultaneously to achieve the greatest benefit.
Be aware: If you're doing desensitization and a patient reports severe abdominal pain, please check the pancreatic enzyme levels," Dr.
In this small study of 20 children who had successfully completed an oral peanut desensitization program, 16 who avoided peanuts for one month and had a peanut re-challenge had no reaction.
Successful desensitization for treatment of a fixed drug eruption to allopurinol.
Subjective Units of Distress scale The SUDS (Wolpe, 1991) was developed for the use of systematic desensitization and was incorporated into the standard EMDR protocol.
While it is not entirely clear how this desensitization occurs, cannabinoid receptors, which mediate the feelings of hunger produced by marijuana and naturally occurring cannabinoids in the body, are thought to be involved.
EMDR is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, here explained in lay terms.
Survival rates among kidney failure patients Eighty-year survival rate Patients receiving desensitization procedure and transplant 80.
Indeed, hardcore pornography's effectiveness in achieving rapid desensitization in subjects has led to its frequent use in training doctors and military teams to deal with very shocking or sensitive situations.
The mutually decided treatment planning and proceedings comprised systematic desensitization, activity scheduling, anger- control techniques, cognitive restructuring and family and group counseling including teachers and friends to help her practicing the same at home and in other relevant situations (4).
The president of BYDA Dr Abdul Samad Panizai told media that BYDA took this decision of closing all the OPDs and operation theaters due to the desensitization of the government.
While previous studies showed that oral milk desensitization can increase the amount of milk tolerated by many of the treated subjects, Schneider, Umetsu and Nadeau launched a trial in 2009 aimed at carrying out the desensitization regimen in a shorter period of time with much fewer allergic reactions by including omalizumab, which binds up IgE, the family of antibodies that drive allergic responses.
The concept of systematic desensitization holds great promise and, when refined, can be introduced to educators to augment existing swimming instruction and eventually contribute to the extinction of preventable drowning.