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describe (someone or something) as (something)

To make a descriptive statement about someone or something. Anyone who describes you as "shy" must not know you very well, chatterbox! I wouldn't describe the car as "new" per se—but don't worry, it's in very good condition.
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describe (someone or something) to (someone)

To make a descriptive statement about someone or something to someone else. If you describe Bill to me, I might remember him. Can you describe the situation to me? I'm not sure what is going on.
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describe someone or something as something

to describe or portray a person or a thing as something or as being in some particular state. Would you describe her as a woman of average height? We described the building as a collection of contemporary architectural clichés.
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describe someone or something to someone

to characterize or portray a particular person or thing to someone. Will you describe her to me, please? Please describe yourself to me so I will know you.
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To immerse the participants in the thorny technical and management issues surrounding system of systems integration, we use another case study, "Joint Strike Fighter Interoperability." The case describes the long intensive effort to map out the Joint Strike Fighter's position in the network of interoperating systems with which it would share the future battlespace.
Define the individual's role and describe what he or she will accomplish in a measurable way.
In The Lord of the Rings Tolkien describes the Dunedain of Arnor, descendants of great kings, "their power departed and their people dwindled" so that they are scattered and, like the Icelanders, live in isolated settlements (Return 324).
Historians who have studied earlier periods, such as Anna Bryson (early modern England), Richard Bushman, or John Kasson (eighteenth and nineteenth-century U.S.) will appreciate how he describes the distinctive overall trend of "informalization" of the twentieth century, and yet connects it to the processes of rising self-controls that all scholars have been tracing since Norbert Elias put (early modern) manners on the map.
In a balanced portrait of the author Sayer also describes Jack's lifelong commitment to friendship (p390), his sensitivity as a young boy, his brilliance as an academic, his journey towards faith and his love for Joy, the woman he married late in his life before her death only three years later.
In her article she briefly describes the essence of critical incident technique and illustrates its value in her study of the perceptions of fifth and seventh grade students' encounters with public librarians.
In their book Active Learning: Cooperation in the College Classroom, the experts on collaborative/cooperative learning Johnson, Johnson and Smith describe the following paradigm of teaching.
First, the article describes an exciting period of time in the evolution of guidance and counseling in the schools.
Paul greets Andronicus and Junia (11) and describes them as "outstanding among the apostles before him in Christ" (Rom 16:7).
transferor provides with its next annual certification the new GILA and a notice that describes the transaction, identifies the successor transferred corporation and provides the notice of subsequent disposition statement described above.
(see page 40) describes the benefits of XBRL from the perspectives of financial executives at three of the nine early participants in the Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC's) Voluntary Filing Program (VFP).
Wright's Bessie has worked in that area often as a domestic, she is quite familiar with the Loeb/ Leopold case and, as she describes it to Bigger, she unintentionally inspires him to seek ransom from the Daltons in exactly the same amount as the ransom demanded from the Franks family.
The Abbotts' volume describes 64 fields, from the UK's first 25 years, which have an average reserve size of greater then 300 mmboe (million barrels of oil equivalent).
In an intensely personal narrative, Chorost describes his tumultuous journey from life as a deaf person to life with artificial hearing.
This article describes the general perceptions that parents/guardians of 7th graders hold regarding the future of the students.